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Thread: Lots of Confusion in building a Parthiv Shiva Linga at Home!

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    Angry Lots of Confusion in building a Parthiv Shiva Linga at Home!

    Hello all. I've recently joined this forum. A lot of people seem to be active on this forum hence I decided to join. Also I hope I can find answer to a particular question very quickly which has been bothering me for about two months now. Now here is my story. I've a very special objective to achieve in upcoming months. So I decided to build a Shivling from Soil and few other Articles for the said objective to materialize. However , I'm not able to get a clear understanding of some of the procedure mentioned to build the shivling. I'm following book Shiv Purana for the procedure to build one. I'll be attaching a image from the book for you to read , understand and then explain me the genuine meaning. As you can see it has been said that "Shivling ki peeth sahit staapana karni chahiye. Shivling ka peeth gol , chaukor , trikon hona chahiye." I'm particularly confused about the previous two lines. What do you mean by peeth here? One of the famous astrologers on tv named pawan sinha said peeth means backside of the Shivling. He said peeth sahit staapana karni chahiye and simultaneously made hand gestures from which one could clearly make out he referred to a "aasan" like thing. Aasan in the sense that how common household sofa have a backside body for our backbone to rest. Now when I inquired about the same with some local panditji they said , there is nothing like such a peeth or a backside should be constructed when building Parthive Shivling. Infact peeth of Shivling according to them is the yoni of the devi. One even said that anyone who says a peeth is a backside is an idiot and there is no such thing as a trikona peeth for shivling. Now is Pawan Sinha an idiot? also is Shiv Purana book an idiot?? in which such thing has been mentioned in the pic as you can see yourself. To avoid their anger and arguments , I just decided to skip the showing of part of book Shiv Purana which clearly states so. I was not so convinced from their answers so I just decided to post my problems and doubts here. So here we have 3 different confusion to be cleared. First of all what exactly is a peeth? Is it the backside , the yoni or something else? Second if its a back side how do I construct it adjacently alongwith the Shivling? Third , If peeth = yoni , why did pawan sinha made hand gestures which clearly stated its the backside of the Shivling that means peeth?? Also are those pandits unaware of the Shiv Purana which states a Peeth can be a Trikona in geometrical shape?? Please try to answer all my questions as detailed as possible. Possibly an experienced person would better help me out but ALL SUGGESTIONS/ANSWERS ARE WELCOME.

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    Re: Lots of Confusion in building a Parthiv Shiva Linga at Home!

    hariḥ om̐


    I think you are referring to pīṭha. This term is a ‘seat’, and can be a ‘royal seat’. It also can be a place or an office. You will see it often written as pīṭham. An example would be ādi śaṅkara-ji's pīṭham’s he established throughout India . An example would be the various māṭha-s ( some write māṭhya ) in the north south east and west.
    Each to be the holder or ‘expert’ i.e. a 'seat' in one of the 4 veda-s. They are ‘seats’ of knowledge, of dharma, of good and righteous conduct. They are the ways (māṭha is also considered a way or road) to keep the light of knowledge from age to age ( yuga to yuga).

    iti śivaṁ

    यतस्त्वं शिवसमोऽसि
    yatastvaṁ śivasamo'si
    because you are identical with śiva


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