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Thread: Prana(life force) questions

  1. Prana(life force) questions

    Namaste all

    I have questions about prana(life force)

    1-Could someone with the contol of prana reach samadhi?
    2-Could someone awaken Kundalini?
    3-Could someone attain siddhis through prana control?
    4-What should I feel to understand if i gain the control of prana?
    5-Could mind manipulate prana after i control it?
    6-Could the breath of fire (Pranayama Yoga) give me all these benefits? (Samadhi, Kundalini energy awakening, deliverance from death and siddhis)

    I hope you can answer clearly,namaste

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    Re: Prana(life force) questions

    hariḥ oṁ


    You have asked a question that is completely covered in patañjali’s¹ yogadarśana ( some call yoga-sūtras); look there and you will find these 4 sections:

    • samādhi pāda
    • sādhana pāda
    • vibhūti pāda
    • kevala pāda

    Pāda means foot , it also means one-quarter. As we can see patañjali’s yogadarśana has 4 quarters or 4 pāda-s. Yet too one must also be aware that pāda means 'a ray or beam of light' . So , using pāda is very attractive.

    Also we must consider the idea of aṣṭāṅga ( 8 limbs¹) yoga ... limbs are aṅga; they are connected to and work in concert with the body (whole, aṅgī ). So when we look at it from this POV it is all about the limbs working together as a whole. I water a plant and the whole plant is nourished. Like that, a person experiences pure awareness in their practice and the whole system is nourished. This nourishment comes from samādhi and the unfoldment thereof.
    You will find
    prāṇayama ( breath management) reviewed in chapter 1,2, and part of the 8 limbs of yoga.

    More on breath if there is interest:

    iti śivaṁ


    • patañjali - some say the derivation of his name comes in this manner, pata + añjali

    · añjali = open hands placed side by side and slightly hollowed
    · pata – falling
    The legend says that śeṣa ( the divine serpent) incarnated and fell (pata) into open hands (añjali) of a brahmin (realized being) no less; and this incarnation was none other than patañjali. We can see why he would be called śeṣa-patañjali. We can even get fancier than this for the derivation of his name but will leave it here.

    • 8 limbs

    • The key to the 8 limbs is wholeness... the brilliance of my teacher's insight is the 8 limbs begin with satyaṁ and end with samādhi. That is we start from wholeness in seed-form and end with it fully bloomed in samādhi; yet these 8 limbs are not sequential. It's as if we're baking a cake. All the ingredients are there together and the cake rises at the same time when in the oven ( tapas). Like that, all 8 ingredients of yoga work together and the cake rises, you rise up out of ignorance.
    • This is the brilliance of the offer. Many think ' oh I cannot capture this samādhi , I will try it later after I become proficient in the other yama's' . This is not the case . Samādhi is one of the 8 ingredients to make the cake rise. In the beginning this experience of samādhi may be short lived but is the building block for experiences down the road to expand in time. While it is doing this, all the other limbs begin to take root. Just like a root it is underground. It takes a little time for one of the stems to shoot up above the ground and we then take note - and continue the practice.

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    यतस्त्वं शिवसमोऽसि
    yatastvaṁ śivasamo'si
    because you are identical with śiva


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