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Thread: Praise be to India! (A short poem)

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    Praise be to India! (A short poem)


    Hope you will all enjoy this short poem, written for children by me. (You can substitute India with 'Hinduism', just mentioned India for convenience in writing).

    When he served his parents,

    God waited patiently for his order
    Such was the merit of Pundareeka
    And blessed is India where he was born!

    When the mummoorthis begged food
    Mother Anusooya turned them into babies
    And served them breast milk in all chastity
    Blessed be to India where she is praised!

    To save the dove from the hawk
    Emperor Sibi cut out his flesh
    And propagated the virtue of non-violence to animals
    And praise be to India where he is hailed!

    When all devas offered a portion of their grace
    Durga emanated and slayed the evil asura
    Such is the power of the eternal female
    Noble is India where she is worshiped!

    When Indra was in a war against asuras
    Dadeechi sacrificed himself in his own yogic fire
    And weaponed the devas with the mighty Vajrayudha
    Glorious is India which carries his legend!

    When all his forefathers were burnt down to ashes
    Bhageeratha prayed for a thousand years
    And brought the mighty Ganga from heaven to earth
    Hail to India where his tapas is revered!

    So does the so-called service to elders, chastity,
    female empowerment, ahimsa's might, yogic tapas,
    and the power of sacrifice are still spoken in one land
    And blessed be that land, the one and only Indian soil!

    Thank you,

    jai hanuman gyan gun sagar jai kapis tihu lok ujagar

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    Re: Praise be to India! (A short poem)

    Well written poem, Viraja !

    "Om Namo Bhagvate Vaasudevaye"

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    Re: Praise be to India! (A short poem)

    Thank you so much, devotee ji!
    jai hanuman gyan gun sagar jai kapis tihu lok ujagar

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