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Thread: PANNA Gemstone - Any people knowledgeable on this gemstone?

  1. PANNA Gemstone - Any people knowledgeable on this gemstone?

    Namaste, I was recently given a panna to wear by an astrologer. I know the astrologer was genuine, because he was very intuitive and knew a lot about me and my family without even having looked at us, only over the phone. The emerald is in gold as it is supposed to be, and I've been wearing it for about a week now. however, I have some concerns.

    Firstly, it seems to be not very transparent type, it's somewhat opaque. I read on many websites that it should not be opaque, for the best results.
    Secondly, I read that most emeralds naturally have cracks in them. Mine seems to have a very slight 'line' on it, I don't know if it's a crack, but it's a slight line on the surface, and the inside of the gem has a slightly darker than green patch on it, not exactly 'black', but somewhat blackish. it's not an even, solid colour. I read on some websites that since most emeralds are naturally like that, it won't have a negative effect, while some websites said it would.
    Thirdly, I don't know if this is just psychological or what, but forget feeling better, I feel worse than before I started wearing the gem. Nothing big, but I feel more frustrated, more sad, confused, and in fights with my parents. I understand that it can take a month or more for the gem's effects to show, but at least I should not be feeling WORSE than before.

    I'm very confused at this point and don't know if this gem is doing good or bad. I don't know if I should wait longer to see how my life changes or what. To let you know, I'm just 18 years old and my parents contacted the astrologer and got it. My mother is very strict and not understanding. I don't know if I should bother bringing these up to her, because she will just ignore it, honestly, and I cannot contact the astrologer behind her back. So if anyone is knowledgeable about gems or panna, please help. Thank you!


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    Re: PANNA Gemstone - Any people knowledgeable on this gemstone?

    I love to collect gemstones.
    A very good quality fully transparent emerald is really costly.. But I will say that the astrologer is very close to your family and so there is no chance to give you wrong gemstone . Above all your mother is there ! From your description it seems to me that it is not fake but it's quality is not very high but suitable for astrological uses .
    I think you have read a lot in net about whom this gemstones are given and it's merits and demerits etc . These are the results of unknowingl the real cause of the Gem prescription and made you confused. In such case just go to any Gem lab and have the Gem be tested.
    Lastly what you are facing now are also indicating that your body is adjusting with the Gem . It may need nearly one month or so along with your confusion about the Gem , it's quality and why given to you etc .
    Feel Proud for Being a Hindu !

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