Is it true that Shree Hanuman wrote Raamaayan containing 1 lakh versus? In one of the disclosure U. Ve Sri Krishnan Swamigal has said Ramayana of Sath yug (or of Brahma Lok) has 1 lakh versus. But he never hinted about Raamaayan written by Shree Hanuman.

Shree Hanuman seemed to given up his work in order to make Shree Vaalmiki famous. As a thanks giving, it is believed that Shree Vaalmiki took a rebirth and wrote Sri Raama Charitha Manas. I found this thought very disgusting. I have read some portions of Sri Tulsidas ji's version. Sri Tulsidas ji seems to have given some wrong information in his work. If any one of you come across this story of Hanumad Ramayana please share your thoughts.