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    Light Namaskar All


    This seems to be the place for self introductions, so here goes.

    I'm an Australian guy who spent over 15 years wanting to find a "belief system" that I could accept and perhaps even embrace. I was a default agnostic, which shifted to atheism as all the arguments I employed against Abrahamic religions and few sects of Buddhism started to make themselves at home in my mind.

    About 4 years ago, I had a few strange experiences, seeing what I now consider to be "not so subtle hints" from Sri Ganesh. I chalked it up to coincidence at first, but when I started meeting women with Ganesh tattoos and finding umbrellas with "Ganesha Corp.", embossed on the handles, I paid a bit more attention. In the end I downloaded "Loving Ganesh" by Himalayan Academy.

    One part of the book mentioned that "it's very easy to connect with the lord, just close your eyes and ask for his presence". Well, given my atheist ways, I thought "Ha! What an easy way to put this issue to bed!". What I hadn't counted on was what I am pretty sure was the Lord's Darshan. (If there's any interest I may start a thread about it in the near future).

    I started to establish a strong connection with Sri Ganesh, but as my Father's side had just converted to "Watchtower-ism"/ become Jehovah's Witnesses, I contacted some in my area to do a bible study in the hopes of learning a bit more about their rather idiosyncratic theology. While I had no intention of converting, neither did I have any intention of being a "spiritual harlot" (tongue in cheek). I stopped focussing on the Lord, and he was kind enough to watch over me in silence.

    It wasn't until a few years later, during a very hard time in my life, when my soul was screaming for spiritual solace, that the Lord seemed to start "dropping hints" again. I resolved to find, if not a paramahamsa/ guru, at least a swami to guide me. The situation I was in however, would, I knew, make such an endeavour nigh impossible. And yet three weeks later I met Swami and Yogacharya G. Saraswati (will ask permission before I post her full name) of the Sivananda/ Satyananda lineage.

    I find H.H. Sri Sivananda far more inspiring than Paramahamsa Satyananda, mainly because Paramahamsa Satyananda seems to have been far more focussed on spreading technical knowledge, whereas H.H. Sri Sivananda seems to have been more focussed on spreading philosophy/ engaging in altruistic work until he dropped his body.

    I find so many inspiring past masters, yet I feel little affinity for any currently living, at least within the lineage I am associated with, except perhaps Paramahamsa Niranjanananda, who, unfortunately for me, has withdrawn from his public role to pursue intense sadhana.

    I am sure I will be able to answer some questions, and will ask many more.

    Om Tat Sat.
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    Re: Namaskar All


    Welcome to these forums. Quite the contradictory paths you've mentioned. Looking forward to hearing more of our Beloved Pillaiyar!

    Aum Namasivaya

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    Re: Namaskar All

    Namaskar, Eastern Mind.

    What do you mean by contradictory paths? Are you referring to Sivananda/ Satyananda or something else?

    Om Tat Sat

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    Re: Namaskar All


    Welcome to the forum.

    Looking for an inspirational messenger is good but it should not be forgotten that a study of and adherence to the message is of greater importance. When shopping around for the right set of values ends, giving the intellect a rest and letting the faith blossom into spiritual progress is the only way.

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    Re: Namaskar All

    Bumping this thread due to time lag of moderated posts.

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