Since I can relate to your post because I myself went through some of those things, I will write you how I see and handle things from my current perspective. After being dispersed over a wide range of different hindu traditions not knowing which path I should follow (if any), I would say that you should go to that what is appealing to you, whatever it is- mantra, form of a God, bhajan and stick to it. I know I'm not related to murtis nor I see myself clearly in any tradition, but I love to chant Krishna mantra and participate in kirtan.
I had the same reaction toward stories. I used to be frustrated on how God steals butter and plays with cowherd boys, but then I realized that either I'm not capable of understanding those stories (which I also see as a myth) or I just don't have to understand it. The worst thing that can happen is that your analytical mind goes insane because of confusion. Take a part you can handle. From what you can handle. I for example chant japa and go to kirtans. I read Gita because I'm more into metaphysical things. Stories of Srimad I still can't go through, so I stick to what I can. That's how I keep going.

Since I came across saivism, advaita vedanta and some other traditions, I can't say- now this is my path. But I'm trying to develop bhakti. I love Hare Krishna mantra, but I also love other mantras and I learned to chant some Vedic hymns.
What's God's nature and what's my road toward understanding it, I really don't know. I just try with what attracts me and Krishna's name attracts me for example.