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Thread: I accidentally broke dough made Ganesha idols :(

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    I accidentally broke dough made Ganesha idols :(


    I made two small Ganesha idols two weeks ago using dough and even put rice grains for his tusks and mustard seeds for the eyes.
    I put them to dry on a Table. A few days later, one of the idols went missing.

    Now I found it fallen down with the ear broken off and one of the tusks missing. Now I accidentally broke the tusks of the other one too.

    I have heard that such things bring bad luck. What should I do?
    I read somewhere that I should immerse it a lake, river or sea.

    I want to do that before anything bad happens. Is there any pooja I should follow. Can I just repair it and make a new ear and tusks?

    Should I repair it before I immerse it?

    I am sure Ganesha will understand but to be on the same. I still have a Ganesha idol my Cousin made with clay for me and the ear came off which I repaired. That idol has brought me nothing but luck.

    Please advice!!

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    Re: I accidentally broke dough made Ganesha idols :(

    Hari Om!

    No need to worry about superstition. Lord Ganesha is also very forgiving and the materials you used for idols are prone to break. Any murthi that is damaged should be disposed in river, lake, sea, etc as you mention. Yes, immerse them in water to dissolve. I had a friend do so in a bowl of water and then put on plants to "recycle" the water by blessing the plants with the Power of the Lord. No need to repair before doing do.


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    Re: I accidentally broke dough made Ganesha idols :(

    Namaste myth,

    I accidentally broke dough made Ganesha idols
    Nothing happens without a reason. Few might feel too much of an analysis is not a good thing but that's how we out grow our limitations. sAdhanA/साधना (diligent practice) is not a easy thing to undertake. When ever a worship is done, at the end we ask for forgiveness (known and unknown faults), but that doesn't stop with it.

    Scriptures discuss about an issue, to make us understand and learn from the issue and finally guide us to implement corrective measures (within our capacity).

    Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, no matter whether it is intentional or unintentional.

    If the same question asked was few years ago, my answer would have been different. We all are born to out grow in a positive or negative direction. Direction of growth depends on our actions.

    Hope this helps. May Sriman Naaraayan (substitute your Ishta Devata) guide you in your pursuit.


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    Re: I accidentally broke dough made Ganesha idols :(

    You don't need to worry as it is broken accidentally and also its very much chances of broken due to the material you used to create the idols. So if the idol is damaged you can immerse it in flowing water or river.

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