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Thread: What were the gods of the Indus Valley Civilization?

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    Re: What were the gods of the Indus Valley Civilization?

    Namaste Anirudh!

    You asked a good question:
    Quote Originally Posted by Anirudh View Post
    So how can we find differences or developments when there is no change?
    First, I'd like to draw your attention to the answer I tried to give in Message #16, in case you may have missed it over the month

    Second, let me try to answer it another way. I think Yajvan gave a logical answer as to how the full word "Ishvara" might not be in the Rigveda and yet we can still find Ishvara in the Vedas.

    So in case there is no change, one could propose that the concept still existed at that time in the minds of the writers, regardless of whether they used the term. So the term could be a development and so could the writing and expression of the idea, but it could still have existed in the minds of the authors in a different form. Do you see what I mean?


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    Re: What were the gods of the Indus Valley Civilization?

    Namaste, Devotee!

    You asked a good question here:
    Quote Originally Posted by devotee View Post
    Well said, EM ! "now is now, not then" ! ===> Let us deal with "today" that we have. Unless there is a problem with our "today" why break our head with "past" and that too with assumptions / hypothesis etc. ??
    I wrote a reply to you last month about another thoughtful post by you, in case you missed it, it's in message #15 above (

    But here let me try to answer this good question you raised.

    Swami Chinmayananda writes in "Practice Of Vedanta":
    The goal which we aspire to reach and accomplish is to bring about an ardent Hindu awareness in the Hindus and to integrate their attitudes and efforts. ... The present exists and derives its strength from the past ...
    The enduring greatness of achievements in our Hindu past is not in the vulgar wealth hoarded, or pernicious wars waged to soak our past with guilt and blood. Ours was the glory of constructive thoughts and discovery of the higher values and way-of life most conducive to peace and love in a happy community. The Rishis declared them. ...
    People accepted them and demonstrated how joyfully man can live in mutual harmony and love. We must revive that great Sanathana-Dharma life-style and with appropriate adjustments to contain the modern tensions and forces playing upon our present day Hindu community.

    So in other words, even if there is not a problem or breakdown in the practices of today, it can still be helpful to study the religion and practices of the ancient path, because of Hinduism's roots in the deep path. By breaking heads with a real journey and exploration, we can help to raise awareness of this past. Hypotheses and assumptions are part of exploration. For example, one of the common assumptions is that Hinduism has fundamental roots in the Indus Valley civilization. And in fact I support this assumption. It is not only an assumption either, but has a real basis in the major elements of the Vedas, in archaeology, and in scholarship. Hypotheses are also an aspect of exploration in a dialogue with a guru, there is often a back and forth discussion where the student or guru proposes a hypothesis or question and then investigates it to see if it is true or to bring out its full meaning.

    In saying this, I am not aiming to be overbearing (forgive me if it ever seems that way), but rather aiming to contribute something in showing the worth of discussions on religious roots and stages of meaning, and to directly answer your question as best I can.

    Thank you very much for contributing your ideas in this discussion.


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    Re: What were the gods of the Indus Valley Civilization?

    Quote Originally Posted by manish View Post
    Very nice Blog...good information, thanx for sharing


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