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Thread: Ganesh image - Trunk direction

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    Ganesh image - Trunk direction

    I have found a framed portrait of Ganesh, that I was hoping to purchase, however I'd like some opinions on the position of the trunk, and whether it'd be advisable to be kept at home.

    It is the black and white image, of Ganesh writing the Mahabharat. I'm uncertain as to whether it's left inclined or upright.

    On a related note, the wooden frame is chipped in places, and there are some slight imperfections on the image itself (markings and scratches) would this matter on a non superficial level?
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    Re: Ganesh image - Trunk direction

    Vannakkam: It should be no problem to be kept at home. The trunk direction, as far as I know, is just variations in depiction, and has no true significance beyounf that. The famous rock-cut temple in Tamil Nadu, Pillaiyarpatti, has the trunk going to Ganesha's right.

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    Re: Ganesh image - Trunk direction

    Namaste Wanderer,

    I could not see any image shown. I know little about this but I do know that there is significance to the direction of Ganesh Ji's trunk, for householders it is adviced left sided trunk direction is the best, this is more ambient for the mind of the householder and the right sided trunk is for temple worship, and this requires strict practice and rules of worship.

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    Re: Ganesh image - Trunk direction

    Namaste Wanderer

    Two links regarding Ganeshas trunk

    All about Ganesha you will find in ‚Loving Ganesha‘ from Himalayan Academy, which you can read online or download. In chapter 5, page 94 ‚Ganeshas Trunk Poses‘.

    The first group are examples of valampuri (turning to the right).Group two are edampuri (turning left). In most icons of Loving Ganesa the trunk is turned toward the left (from the perspective of the Deity). Only in rare cases is it turned to the right.

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    Re: Ganesh image - Trunk direction

    Apologies and thank you for the response.
    Hopefully, the above link will display the aforementioned image.

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    Re: Ganesh image - Trunk direction

    Thank you for sharing information about the Mahabharat and Ganesh: An auspicious beginning

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