Hello and namaste,

I started reciting this great sloka recently.

I have read a book on this stotra published by Little Flower Company many years ago.

In that book, it was stated to recite this sloka in this order: i) First recite Narayana Hrudayam ii) Follow with Lakshmi Hrudayam iii) End again with Narayana Hrudayam.

I started following the above method for the past 4 days, and it takes me around 50 mins. to recite this way.

Today, someone told me that the above method is not correct. She said that I have to recite i) Narayana Hrudayam ii) Lakshmi Hrudayam iii) Narayana Hrudayam iv) Lakshmi Hrudayam v) Narayana Hrudayam -- in this order so that there are totally 3 Narayana Hrudayams and 2 Lakshmi Hrudayams recited.

She also told me that the sloka beginning as 'Lakshmi kamalavaasinyai simhavaahinyai...." should be recited 21 times....

Followed by drinking of water with camphor, elaichi (cardomom) and lavang which has been kept before the mother during stotra recitation.

Is this correct?

Someone please clarify what is the correct procedure for reciting this sloka...

Thank you,