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Thread: Sandhyavandanam and Gayatri Diksha........Why so difficult to receive?

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    Sandhyavandanam and Gayatri Diksha........Why so difficult to receive?

    Hi everyone & namaste,

    So I've realized that Sandhya or Sandhyavandanam is quite an important ritual involving beings from the 4 directions
    and the manifesting of deities in the human body.

    I am interested in this as I believe that Nirgun Brahman is the ultimate and I also understand that the chakras
    are governed by various deities like Rudra/Shiva and that I am beyond these.

    Having said the above, relatively speaking, I still desire to have that protection and empowerment because I'm not
    Self realized yet.

    Can anyone point to a willing person or organization in the New England are who can initiate into Gayatri and Sandhyavandanam both?

    I really do not understand the reticence and unwillingness of various temples here to do this.

    Thanks & Hari OM,

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    Re: Sandhyavandanam and Gayatri Diksha........Why so difficult to receive?

    Hari Om Stefos,

    Might I rather suggest spending more time at said temples, perhaps doing seva and getting to know some of the pandits and members well if you don't already. It's time to make yourself visible to the proper person, a Guru, to initiate you into such. When the student is ready, the Guru appears. Others may guide you, but you must be visible and available.

    Apologies if am off base, but this is offered without knowing much about you. My experience has been that Guruji does the mantra initiation, making it much more effective and powerful. No need to rush. Self realization is a goal, not somewhere we get in a day or two with a mantra.

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    Re: Sandhyavandanam and Gayatri Diksha........Why so difficult to receive?

    Hi c.smith,

    I don't think that hanging around in temple will make me any more sincere or qualified sir.

    Nevertheless, Gayatri and Sandhya are still something I desire to learn.
    Gayatri being the acme of vedic mantras and the embodiment of the vedas.

    I have met with a gentleman from Nepal, I believe, and his uncle is a Purohit.
    He agreed to take me to his uncle and he did explain to his uncle that I wanted both Gayatri and Sandhya along with yagnopavit and the shikha.

    We'll see if it manifests next weekend actually.

    Thank you for your insights sir,
    Hari OM TAT SAT

    The person I spoke with has not responded back yet.............I will travel to our state's capital tomorrow and endeavor to speak with him or leave
    the store owner, his acquaintance, a message for him.

    I have done absolutely nothing wrong to this man and as such don't know why he's not responding.

    I spoke with a Sri Sringeri representative in the US and he told me that Sandhyavandanam is only passed from father to son.

    I don't quite believe this as Gayatri Paridwar agreed to give me Gayatri diksha.

    Concerning the gentleman at the store:
    Apparently he had no connection to the man I was looking for.

    I met another person and he is related to the gent I'm looking for.

    I've come across another stop however.
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