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Thread: White cobra in dreams

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    White cobra in dreams


    Last night I had an interesting dream - I was in some mountine region with my little son and I told him: "be cautious, we are in Idia and there are many poisonous snakes here ". The next moment we saw many white cobras on the road, they didnt harm us, but we moved away from them. Then, we found ourselves in a city, in which there were many people celebrating something. A young beautiful woman came to us and asked: "how do you feel here, did you meet some snakes? " I replied - yes, we have just met white cobras. The lady did not say anything, just smiled.

    I was searching for information about white cobras symbolism in hinduism and found that -
    "The Hindus know this type of cobra as Shweta Nag. This deadly white cobra is mentioned in in a text called Naga Shastra, the original of which is difficult to find. This cobra does not harm devotees of Lord Shiva and you can find it in the jungles, but rarely ".

    I am so happy and amazed by this dream, I just wanted to share it with you

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    Re: White cobra in dreams

    Thanks for sharing, very interesting dream indeed. I never saw a real white cobra let alone in dream
    ॐ महेश्वराय नमः

    || Om Namo Bhagavate Rudraya ||

    Hara Hara Mahadeva Shambo Shankara

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    Re: White cobra in dreams


    Dreaming of a white snake is always a good sign despite the fact whether it harms you or not!

    Basically, such a dream represents your good luck and says something good is about to happen.

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    the vast majority of dreams are very simple and have very simple meanings. At night, the soul comes to us and purifies us of our daily worries. We experience this process, often as fear. And visual images can attend it. So, most likely, the entirety of that experience is simply worry being lifted off of you.

    One can have visions in dreams. However, they are usually very simple and direct messages. Your dream engages the intellect and a kind of "story" in a way that
    would indicate it is probably a by-product of your own intellect and imagination, rather than some kind of spiritual message.

    Generally, snakes either indicate the kundalini or the Devil.

    If you are already on a kundalini Yoga path, a snake in a dream might have some significance.

    If you are at some moral crossroad in your life, God could bring an image of the devil into a dream to dissuade you from making an immoral choice for your life.

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