This link is in Tamil, - basically what it is saying is that, each nakshatra is ruled by a specific deity and for getting the most out of one's birth nakshatra, one should worship the respective athi-devata governing that nakshatra.

Is it possible to extend this rule to say that, when a certain planet in our natal chart is troublesome, worshiping the athi-devata for the respective star in which that planet is placed, would be effective remedy?

For example, Lord Shri Narasimha is the athi-devata for "swaathi". Therefore either Rahu or planet placed in Swaathi is troublesome, worship Narasimha.


Lakshmi - Worship Lakshmi for remedy for either Sun or planet placed in star of Uthiram.

Rama - Worship Rama for remedy for Jupiter or planet placed in the star of Punarpoosam.

Hanuman - Worship Hanuman for remedy for Ketu or planet placed in the star of Moolam.

(So on and so forth as for the rest of the planets or nakshatras).

If the above is not correct, why not?