Namaste, vanakkam good people.

There is a mantra that I presume is for Sri Shiva puja (

Aum Sarvebhyo Devebhyo Namaha
(We bow down to all the celestial and divine beings)
Aum Pancha Bhutaya Namaha
(We bow down to the five elements)
Aum Shri Sathguruve Namaha
(We bow down to the Eternal Guru)
Aum Shri Pritviyai Namaha
(We bow down to Mother Earth)
Aum Adi Yogishwaraya Namaha
(We bow down to the One who is the Origin of Yoga)
Aum, Aum, Aum.

I see it on the internet elsewhere also, as aum sarvebhyo devebhyo namah. Dative, plural. Yet Sanskrit grammar sites show -ebhyah as the dative plural for masc. a-stem nouns. I tend to side with the declension tables rather than texts that look like they are copy/pasted all over the 'net. But what do I know?

Which do you think is correct, and is it only a mantra for Sri Shiva, or can it be used in any puja or at any time for reverence and worship?

Dhanyavad, nandri (equal respect to north and south ).