My background - Male, 24, agnostic now but was a devotee of Lord Krishna 9-10 years back.

2 days back, I saw a dream during an afternoon nap.
The description of dream goes as: 'i was purchasing something from a shop and suddenly my left leg was caught by a ghost. I somehow got rid from that ghostly hand and ran away from there. I started praying and then lord hanuman came to rescue me from this situation. He said, "drop all your fears. You would be given 'darshan' by goddess durga soon."
After sometime I looked above at the sky and found that the whole sky was covered by goddess durga's giant "vishwaroopa" appearance. I blabbered in myself that how could this be possible! But then came a voice from maa durga "I am always here, but can be seen only by those who are worthy". Go and visit my temple.
During the night, I went to a temple and didnt find maa there. I moved inside a room situated in the same campus and met an old lady there. She introduced herself as the goddess durga and then she turned herself into a beautiful young lady and finally to a little girl. She said, "Don't imagine me only as a young lady dressed in a sari, I am an old lady, a pregnant lady and a little girl simultaneously. Respect all these forms of womanhood. Now ask anything you want."
I replied, "I'm sorry but I wanted to meet lord Krishna instead of you but I know very well that the grave sins committed by me in the past makes mme unworthy to meet my lord"
She said, " don't worry. all ur sins have been washed away. Now look at me with proper attention, cant you see that im also the lord Krishna?."
Suddenly she turned into lord Krishna.
The whole dream was quite overwhelming.
Then lord Krishna took my hand and placed his other hand across my waist. I realised that I was no longer a man, I had been turned to a beautiful lady. Then lord Krishna came closer to me and planted a kiss on my lips.
The whole dream was quite dramatic and so overwhelming that I came out of sleep soon after that.
I was perplexed, downloaded a bhajan on my smartphone and heard it for next 2-3 hours.
I browsed the internet to interpret this dream and didn't find anything concrete from there. All that I found was a message from an isckon member that says that dream of lord Krishna is always true and shdnt be considered just a projection of your imagination.
Some people say that dream seen during an afternoon nap carries no significance.
I am confused now!
I cant interpret the dream and simultaneously cant ignore it. It is quite overwhelming for me.
Please help me decode this