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Thread: Tibetan Buddhism, Tantra, Tantric Shaivism & Advaita............Comments are welcome!

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    Tibetan Buddhism, Tantra, Tantric Shaivism & Advaita............Comments are welcome!


    I have found that in the Devilokattara that Sunya & Mahasunya is equated to Brahman.
    This was found out by me in the book "Parayana" used in the Sri Ramanashramam on Arunachala.
    To me, this is very germaine to this subject being discussed here.

    Hi everyone,

    I have noticed that the Buddhadharma in Tibet is using Tantra and Tantric Shaivite implements and format
    and that both in Tibet and in the Pali texts Brahman is never mentioned. Only the god Brahma is and is summarily negated
    as a source of refuge. As a matter of fact, Shiva/Rudra and Vishnu are not even in the "Buddhadharmic" picture in the Pali or Tibetan texts!

    I have also noticed that a certain monk called Luang (insert middle name) Bua taught Buddhadharma essentially the same as
    Advaita Vedanta and in particular that the citta is eternal & indestructible. This is interesting because typically in many Buddhist circles,
    there is nothing eternal & indestructible. Very strange to see this actually particularly in regards to the state of Nirvana.

    I have read books from Swami Satyananda Saraswati that in meditation Shunya is reached but
    that there is a state beyond that. He agreed with the Buddhas' view on Shunya too.

    This has caused me to come to the conclusion that ultimately Advaita & Buddhadharma is teaching the same thing but
    using different terminology.

    How do you see it?

    Mangalam to you all.........
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