Dear All, Namaste !

Typical Jyotish study start understanding rashi's / graha's etc but I think there is a much deeper aspect which no-one talks OR cares about. The 3 Guna's / 5 tatva's ... basic building blocks of this cosmos. I was recently watching youtube video lecture by Shri Visti Larsen on Panchanga where he was linking grah's & their positions to tatva's and link the base tatva dosha's (or otherwise) to how they impact our understanding in this world... thus making impact in our life / relationships / material life etc.

I think right way to start learning Jyotish is not by starting with cramming rules but to know how this cosmos is made up of, what is the fabric of this cosmos and how it flows from there into our existence. Perhaps Vedic Rishi's have absolute understanding of these aspects and hence they were able to create this science called Jyotish in the first place. And thereby also, this profound understanding of how this cosmos works (and how these rules can be flexed - read remedies), become dangerous knowledge if given in wrong hands thus was protected only for right people.

Where is the "Right Entrance" to this knowledge of cosmos, and how to make one first capable of receiving this blessing of knowledge into one's life ? Your experiences and suggestions please.

Pranam !