Namaste all,

Please let me know how we can honor a demised leader.

TamilNadu CM Jayalalitha passed away on 5th Nov and this Saturday, the 17th Nov will be her 13th day after death.

People told me unknown (unrelated) people like me can offer some prayers on her behalf on the 13th day.

I have few questions pertinent to that:

1. What prayer can we recite? I was thinking of reciting 'Thiruvaimozhi' which is the essence of Sama Veda, but I have never recited this sloka before, don't know how long it will take or how hard it will be. Any better options?

2. Prasadam for naivedyam (offerings): Thought of making 'Tamarind rice' and 'Cashew cakes' and offering to Lord. Is this good choice? Can the food be eaten afterwards.

Please let me know the proper way to offer my prayers, for this demised leader's welfare on the 13th day.