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Thread: Sri Vaishnava books and its sources

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    Re: Sri Vaishnava books and its sources

    Thank you Anirudh,
    I did not know that Divya Prabandam is called Dravida Veda or Fifth Veda and I do not speak Tamil. Since only Yoga and Vedanta are popular in the West and available in my mother tounge I am not familiar with Vaishnava Traditions. Anyhow I like to read these scriptures.

    There are more fifth Vedas
    Mahabharatam is called as the fifth or the panchama Veda.
    The Ramayana, also makes a claim to be the fifth Veda.
    Similar claims are made in the Puranas, which claim to be the fifth Veda
    The Natya Shastra, a text dealing with performative theory, also applies to itself the label of "Fifth Veda"
    Other works that have been characterised as the "Fifth Veda" include, texts on ayurveda
    More details

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    Re: Sri Vaishnava books and its sources

    You can see Sri Vaishnava books through the below link:

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    Re: Sri Vaishnava books and its sources

    Yesterday I ordered in italian Amazon the Bhagavad-gita with commentary by Sri Ramanuja.

    Although I bought it in an italian site,the book is in english,in fact it will be sent from USA.

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