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    Buy One Give One


    As householders or even budding entrepreneurs who have the desire or necessity to make a living but also want to be connected to Dharmic way of life to offer good services for society to practice Karma Yoga~Niskam Karma Yoga there is sometimes a gap between work and practice. Like if you ask someone , have you thought about your spiritual life, and many people say, what, I have no time, life is to demanding, to busy, when I am old and retired I will think about. Not everyone reaches Old age.

    In general I have found the majority of people around the world I have met as good, sometimes events, conditions misdirect people, usually one of being forced without to much thought into a mechanical and impersonal world to have a career and make money and end up being on an individual path and working to maintain what was initially something they thought was right and proper, Be good at school, get your grades, get a career and then buy what you want and be the person you want to be with the amount of success and wealth you get from from being a good member of following society, the ultimate deceptive voice of materialism.

    Its an easy trap to fall into for the average person, people naturally want to progress and be a success. Usually though after some time people feel a void in their life, something is missing and working for only ones own needs just doesnt feel right.

    Many people love to give in charity, or to a good cause, to a temple, to a project or some worthy cause that they see fit. Charity or good heart is always good, In Dharma traditions it is dana, which is connected inherently to Śīla, Samadhi and Prajna. Nothing works independently.

    Due to something that I am trying to set up, in a way that will be of holistic benefit, although I have not much interest myself to gains heaps materially and I am quite satisfied to live simple and eat simple there is still the feeling to help others in whatever way I can. I have no problem with material benefits if they are balanced, but seems they way the world is now that balance for the average person is lost, due to constant advertising and filling the chitta with junk desires.

    Recently I found out about something called buy one give one. For myself and with the distribution of self sufficient prasdam distribution, where I dont have to ask for any help for funding it will be a business where part of the profits will go to feed people who have less ability to eat properly or have a meal with sufficient nutrition.

    There is a new model that has arisen due to some research that is in line with what I am doing. Its called Buy one Give one. So for example, each time I sell a meal a sandwich or whatever that will pay for the someone who may not have the capacity or mental ability to put food as priority. I know sometimes people say, oh he drinks, or he smokes, or he takes drugs so why help them. I just dont think this way, showing kindness and concern for ones who need help can inspire people to find the energy to help themselves, many people drop out of so called civilized society because its impersonal, like in healthy human times old people were seen as wise, they had experienced life and can give good advice and become the eyes to help people make better decisions, now if they are not economically giving they are considered worthless, or if people dont fit the right social and economic profile somehow its their karma and they deserve everything they get, isnt it only an imaginary monotheistic God that is supposed to think in this way.

    Here is a site for consideration. I think its a wonderful idea, buy a meal give a meal for free, buy blanket pays for one blanket to be given for free, buy a pair of glasses and give a pair out for free etc. So I think its a great way to earn a living and have balance for sattva and also give at the same time to help others that may not have the same amount of opportunity.

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    Re: Buy One Give One


    Perhaps for encouragement that can help a person that is thinking to change job, start a business or just do for the sake of doing is not always hard or needing vast sums of money for investment.

    For example if one likes to help others eat Prasadam to help more disadvantaged people, give out food that can help subtle body, help environment, build up ones own pious credit, meet people and see satisfaction on their faces, increase gratitude, it could be started very simple.

    Even by making 20 sandwiches and walking around a few office blocks with the model of buy one give one, some simple maths, a sandwich even with good ingredient may cost $1 to make, and sold for $3 so 1 can be sold, second given away and then the profit of one can be divided to help make another for growth and then some left over to support grha, based on 20 being sold.

    If the food is conscious food people will respond consciously, good ingredients always stand out from what most people eat for lunch, and always remembering and having confidence that more often than not people are good and like to give but are sometimes stuck in the cycle. 20 can then be 30, 30 can then be 40, 40 can then be 60, 60 can then be 120 , 120 can then be how ever much effort you want to put in and so on. So it doesnt always needs vasts sums of investment, which most of us do not have always.

    Then work is sadhana, sadhana is uplifting, with uplifting states one feels joy, when one feels joy its easier to meditate, when its easier and more enjoyable to meditate one does it more often, then work becomes a joy, life becomes a joy, no difference between sitting on a cushion and working in the world. Would this not be a sure way to gain the fruits of life and what is offered beyond the limited life. Is this not part of Gita where success is guaranteed.

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