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Thread: Tireless toddler takes an another step! My Heartiest Congratulation!!

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    Tireless toddler takes an another step! My Heartiest Congratulation!!

    Namaste HDF

    Based on what ever little I have understood about our History I conclude that India and Hinduism are synonymous. We at HDF have discussed the constituents of Hinduism many times in the past, so do not want to reinvent the wheel.

    During my childhood always wondered why the glorious India as described in our Epics was no where to be seen. If not all most of the middle class parents did not had any answers. With text books being the only source of our History for the children belonging to middle class family, it will not be an exaggeration to say that post 1947 India's History was kept under dark by the literate secular souls graduated from non Indian universities. My age group know how many public libraries we had during our childhood.

    I do not wish hurt any one here. We here at HDF in one way other trudging towards the TRUTH. So as a matter of fact Truth should not hurt any one. Also we wont respect our success unless we explore and understand the path we traveled. I like satire, so there is satire in my post for the reading pleasures of my fellow Indians. Long Live India!!

    Baby step n+1 !!
    Baby step n+2 !!
    Baby step n+3!!

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