Hi everyone, I’d like to share a video I just made that gives an explanation of the spiritual rationale behind the principle of unity, the Buddhist Middle Way philosophy, and the socio-politico-economic concepts of centrism, moderatism, and syncretism, which also relates to the relationship between the East and West, as well as the Hindu "Yugas" concept:



"As explained in the “Enlightenment, Liberation, Theory of Everything” section, the state of God, oneness, and Truth is like that of a perfectly balanced and infinitely fast spinning top or UFO, and unites, merges, combines, blends, intermixes, joins, syncretizes, integrates, harmonizes, equalizes, neutralizes, and balances two fundamental qualities that go by many names, such as the Omega and the Alpha, yin and yang, peace and love, all-pervasiveness and almightiness, and light and sound. Cleanliness and nourishment, beauty and strength are additional health-related terms. You can find a full list of these two qualities on the page of my site that I’ve linked to in the description of this video. The Buddhist Middle Way philosophy is a spiritual concept that relates to the union of these two qualities.

The state of God, oneness, and Truth also unites the socio-politico-economic manifestations of these two qualities, such as the Divine Feminine and Masculine, the alternative and main streams, the East and West, left and right-wing politics, and communism/socialism and capitalism. It’s notable that oneness means both 1. interconnection, togetherness, and community, and 2. Singularity, altogetherness, and sovereign individuality at once, that politics tends towards an equilibrium between the left and right, and that successful modern socio-politico-economic systems, including those in China and the US, mix both communist/socialist and capitalist qualities, while extreme forms of both communism/socialism and capitalism have proved unsuccessful. Centrism, moderatism, and syncretism are concepts that relate to the union of the two sides of the socio-politico-economic spectrum.

The upshot of this discussion is that to be a united humanity, as well as to create oneness as individuals, we should always stay close to the united, middle, centrist, moderate, syncretic, peak state, embrace both fundamental qualities of God, oneness, and Truth equally, and avoid divisive, dualistic, polarizing ideologies that stray too far from center in either direction, left or right."

From my site: https://sites.google.com/site/jmaf6556/purpose-of-life