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Thread: Number of Rounds

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    Number of Rounds

    Hare Krishna Prabhujis and Matajis,

    I recently started studying with the Hare Krishnas and have been trying to increase my number of rounds of japa. Some days I cannot do more than a few. Is progress still possible if I can only do a few rounds? For awhile I was up to 7 and then my schedule got busy and I dropped to 3 and gave up because I thought there was no use if I could just do a few.

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    Re: Number of Rounds

    Hari Om!

    My experience with the Hari Krishnas would prove that the more rounds the better. Once a certain number of rounds has been established, this number must be maintained. Again, this is only my experience.

    For my own practice now that I no longer partake of their beliefs, I feel that God accepts anything that we offer with pure intention and a loving attitude. If we do 7 rounds one day with love and devotion but only 3 the next with the same conviction, He accepts this unconditionally. Additionally, japa is used to train the mind - it's for you too! Please don't be so hard on yourself if the number of rounds vary. You will still reap the divine benefits.

    All the best to you.


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    Re: Number of Rounds

    Hare Krsna,

    C.smith ji has given good advice.

    Chanting a prescribed number of rounds is an instruction for initiated devotees or ones who are directly aspiring to take initiation within ISCKON and other Gaudia Math branches, so dont feel any pressure, only gratitude to find Sri Krsna.

    I have found both his books and the devotees of Srila Shridhar Swami very good, they are very broad minded.

    Sridhar Maharaj said that it is not quantity but quality in chanting the mantra that reveals the results. In the times of Bhaktisidhanta there was not quota about chanting but on service. Haridas Thakur used to chant mentally, soft and loud but somehow some banned mental chanting.

    Dont ever feel that you cant chant because you cannot fulfill a quota, one can chant whenever one is awake, when one wakes up first thing, when cooking, when walking to the bus or on the bus, when alone sometimes sing out loud with arms raised, everywhere are his ears, if nobody to talk to about Krsna then talk to the walls, everywhere are his eyes, chant to the plants, the trees, the sun, the moon, the stars, the birds, the insects, silently in your mind, in between moments of work, when you are working, everywhere are his hands, when driving, when gardening, when walking, everywhere are his legs, there are nine processes of devotional service and in each one perfection is guaranteed. Shravanam~hearing is first step, this means listening, one can listen to kirtan, bhajan, class, chanting learning sloka, reading texts and commentary from different acharyas very slowly and carefully, when ever you get spare time and remember engage your mind as much as possible with joy, if one day you forget, if one moment you forget, it is ok, just try and try again. Keep reading Bhagavad Gita, this is also chanting, every step is chanting if we think of Krsna we are getting closer to glorify and know Him in every moment of our life in every cell of our being, every word, every step is in Him. In silence he is there too, in all aspects Krsna is there as all attractive One, and He has hundreds and millions and unlimited infinite names, only our tiny minds stuck in human condition can limit the Infinite, everywhere is His beauty, once we clear the dust in mirror of the mind.

    Go with whatever inspires you, He will pick you up, that is His promise. He cant be found in the group only in yourself.

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