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Thread: What are Hindus/Sikhs doing wrong?

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    What are Hindus/Sikhs doing wrong?

    Namaste Everyone,

    Whenever hate crimes happen with Middle easterners/Muslims as the stated target , I have noticed that it has been Hindus or Sikhs who pay the price with their lives , in spite of neither being Muslim nor middle-easterners.

    There are several incidents that come to my mind

    • Sikh in AZ shot dead
    • Gurudwara in Wisconsin attacked
    • Kent shooting
    • Kansas bar killing
    • NY subway killing (Indian pushed out from a moving train)
    • Carolina shopkeeper killing etc..

    The stats say thatthere are ~3.3 million Muslims in in US , where as there are only about 2.4million Hindus + Sikhs combined. There are 'zero' terror incidents fromHindus/Sikhs , but there are too many victims to hate crimes that are 'hateresponse to terror threat'. And this is not even proportional to the populationnumbers.

    This appears thatMuslims are doing something right to avoid causality, while Hindu /Sikhs aremissing out on this and losing their lives.

    Is there a learningopportunity for us? Any thoughts?
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    Re: What are Hindus/Sikhs doing wrong?

    Namaste Seeker

    I don't live in US so my reply is generic. I am not provoking anyone also not comparing with any other religion.

    First thing first, GOI does (baring slight improvement after Modi) not take firm steps to protect the rights of non resident Indians. Secondly even within India, rights of Indians are not protected. Political parties communalise every issue and fish in troubled waters. Especially if the victim is Hindu, then the issue gets the least preference and space. I am reminded of an incident happened few years ago, two non Indian captain sailing within the Indian maritime borders killed two Indians when the victims were fishing in the Arabian sea. You can google to find out what happened.
    Another eye sore, the role of GOI in protecting the perpetrators of Bhopal Gas victims. I can give umpteen examples but limiting it to two to make my case.

    What kind of Image a non Indian will have about an Indian especially a Hindu in general? Very recently to create havoc and to polarize the voters in the on going elections in the largest state in India, two train accident killing around 400 people was mastermind by the peace lovers and our peace loving neighbor. So ALL OVER THE globe Indians are taken for granted because back home in India, Indians are killed like mosquitoes with impunity.

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    Re: What are Hindus/Sikhs doing wrong?

    Namaste Anirudh ji,

    While noting salientpoints in your reply , my thought process here was different. Usually the 'action oriented' hate mongers(there are hate mongering think tanks , but they incite violence - don’tparticipate in it) are at the low end of IQ spectrum and to them a muslim ,arab , sikh look alike. They go by the skin colour. In spite of this , muslimsevade the danger.

    • Is this something to do with the way the community is organized? Whenever there as much an incident as spray painting on a mosque, I see muslim imam with a rabbi & pastor on a TV. In one such joint statements , I even heard 'we are all abrahamic brothers''. Does this have an effect?
    • Do they have any instruction on how to spot trouble? In Kansas , the victims had a chance to move out , but apparently they did not have a method to read the cues.
    • In general, hindu community is wealthy. Is the kind of car we drive etc.. Factor into this jealousy aspect?
    • Any difference in the way the communities pressure law enforcement for action?

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    Re: What are Hindus/Sikhs doing wrong?

    Namaste Seeker Ji,

    I think you hit the nail on the head mentioning think tanks. Some want to divide and separate people, in fact its the only thing they concentrate on. Every now and and again when I have time I go out and give out vegetarian cooks books and this gives me a chance to meet to talk to people in the street, this is my education , this is where life matters. What I am noticing more and more is that everyone is being controlled by language, and once I met a lady from Holland who was doing her PHD in Shakespeare. Many people may not know the significance of Shakespeare and what it is really representing. After a great conversation she told me that there are people who do nothing but study language and the how to manipulate language to control people.

    We are all born into ignorance, or at least we are blank page and conditioned by society and more than often society is formed and shaped by language and people act and react according to language, one only needs a superficial but educated understanding of the Nazi party to know how powerful well thought out propaganda is and the effects it has.

    Social unrest on many levels is predetermined. But rather than go to deep into the cause and effects which is in fact very superficial, the real solution is that we are one human family, and that to me is the core values of Hinduism and at the heart of most common majority of people. If I break my leg is it different type of pain from any other sentient being that breaks its leg, no pain is pain, we share so much in common, and on so many levels this is being taken away from us through the manipulation of language.

    Diversity is always there, God for want of a better word to use in general way is unlimited and manifest unlimitedly through that diversity, but there is interdependence and interconnection of all things, this is the nature of reality and this can go in two ways, to divide or to unite, and its starts with us recognizing that we are all part of one human family , connected to the same earth and we connect in the deepest way through sattvic ways of life, this is the best way to overcome language manipulation which is most the time set out to incite division .


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