I am learning Purusha Shukta of Rig Veda. It is said Veda and Vedanta are Apaurusheya ie not authored by a man. From one of the lecture given by Sri Chinna Jeeyar, I learned that even God did not authored Veda. I don't remember the YouTube link of that Upanyasam more over it was delivered in Telugu language. Sri Chinna Jeeyar is no ordinary man, an ascetic. He also has said, Veda were in the beginning were just sounds (passed on from teacher to pupil by recitation) later were captured in Sanskrit script. He adds the language used during the Vedic era is different from modern Sanskrit

I am unable to imagine how this could have happened? Where can I get more authentic information on this. Please share your thoughts if any one in this forum has got information in this regard.

Thanks in advance...