(I have a few topics to discuss and therefore posting them in sequence).

Actor Kamalhassan has been bashing Mahabharatha for a while now. Recently he told in an interview something in the vein of "afterall it is a country which still follows and respects an epic wherein one of its heroes pawned his own wife....".

Regarding his speech, I wrote in Facebook:

"Some people cannot be changed -

Especially when one speaks negatively against something that holds high esteem, such as Kamalhassan's SriVaishnava / Hindu background, others will potentially think, "How great he must be, he is bashing his own religion!".

Whereas, there exist men of goodwill, who, when knowing something is endangered, will go out all the way to promote it with bravery, even if not otherwise believing in it. Such is the might of serving a true cause with goodwill. Surely, Kamalhassan does not know about it!".

Posting it in HDF because I'll be happy if the message reaches Kamalhassan somehow.