I have searched HDF, and searched across the wider internet for specific information on incense. I recently saw a site that showed how different scents (flavours!) of incense are appropriate for the different gods. I skimmed the page hoping to go back to it, but now I can't find that information! My google is failing me.

That being the case, I am wondering "What are the specific uses of different incenses and how are they applied in puja either at home or at a temple?" A sandalwood for this, a rose for that, a third option for other things.

I can tentatively answer my own question with a "well it depends on the person" and a "what ever works for you" being one perspective on the issue. It could be the case that I saw one site's application and misread it as a de facto standard on incense.

Perhaps a different (more specific?) wording would be "are there associations drawn between types/scents of incense and their ritual use in Sanatana Dharma?" Maybe I am reading too much into it? But I'm coming at this with the idea that everything has a reason and a purpose, and by understanding those it becomes part of a wider development.

Thank you.