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    Thumbs Up Hello from UK

    Namaste to all.
    i`ll get straight to the point.Basically i felt & still do feel this inner pull towards hinduism it seems to match alot of my beliefs and i like the idea of living a peaceful, spiritual & (for want of a better word) pious life i.e meditation,reading scripture,helping the needy,not materialstic etc,but to be honest i`m starting to get stressed in following hinduism as i find it all so confusing e.g who wrote the vedas/scriptures i got the srimad bhagavatam from a hare krisna and it says krisna but in an incarnation wrote them,but then somewhere else says brahma wrote them.
    So basically i feel drawn to being a hindu but just need some clarification on a few things.



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    Re: Hello from UK

    Namaste Cawing_Crow

    You have the same problem all Christians, Westerners have, me too. Hinduism is confusing.
    Hinduism is a vast ocean of mysticism, metaphysic, mythology and religion. Once I read Hinduism is a jungle - Christianity is a cultivated garden.

    Thus the confusion will never end … Hare Krishna bhaktas will tell you something complete different than Shiva bhaktas. A Bengal Hindu will tell you something different than a Tamil Hindu.

    So read as much as you can – that what is right for you will find you. Enjoy the varity of thoughts that are possible in Hinduism only. Do not always scrutinise.

    Why is it important to knwo ‚who‘ wrote the Veda? You can also ask ‚who‘ created the univers?

    Read the famous hymn from Rig Veda X.129 … esp. the last sentence.


    Dance with Shiva - live with Shiva - merge with Shiva

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    Re: Hello from UK

    Hari Om!


    You're in the right place. The forum is a wealth of information. There are many learned members to answer your queries too. Do some research via the search box for topics of interest, ask away to clarify any queries you may have. Many have been in your shoes, myself included.

    Is your contact with the Hare Krishna's the first such encounter you've had or have you been able to venture elsewhere? Might I suggest if you haven't that you not limit yourself to one group or the other, but rather take it all in until you find where you are most comfortable. Just my humble opinion and what ended up working best here.

    All the best. Looking forward to your posts.


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    Re: Hello from UK

    Namaste Cawing_Crow,

    Welcome, there are two ways to look at the frustration one is to get confused and the other is to see how vast a subject it is where one can always learn something new, I am sure the second one is more appealing, but getting confused is not the problem, only staying confused is the problem. If I had any advice it would be patient, try to research your questions when they come up and for now just naturally follow your own interests, from what you say you already have the natural qualities that will help you evolve into a more mature understanding in time.

    It may also get confusing to ask to many people the same questions, even here on this forum you will meet many people at different levels of conversations and different angles and each will give their own slant, so whatever advice is given keep it as contemplation, and do your own research. I have found if there was something I didnt understand, put it on the shelf, dont reject and come back to it later.

    So again just follow your own interests and give yourself time to gradually grow into it and get acclimatized, its a gradual process but one of great gradual discovery. I have been pretty much full time student for almost 30 years and something I know but again I know I am only just scratching the surface, how can one measure what is infinite, especially when we are using finite tools.

    I will address the first questions on what is confusing you at this point, Veda Vyas was a compiler of the Vedas, the Veda are in fact without any single author, Veda ( knowledge ) is only spoken and represented by various characters, BrahmA was the first created being so everything within this universe starts with him, Veda Vyasa in Bhagavatam is seen as empowered incarnation to compile the literature of all the knowledge's in written form, so therefor he is compiler of the Vedas in written form.

    There are many saints and varying personalities that have discovered and revealed Veda in different eras and different pastimes and stories with numerous characters are represented within the literature and culture but they all represent the same essence and point to the same thing. Try and study each story within the canto separately and one at a time, the thread and connection will come in time.

    Sanatana Dharma is very old, ancient is the best term but within the human earthly realm it is within a vast and diverse culture , within that sometimes there seems some contradictions, when in fact there are non, again patience and time is needed and above all purification of our own minds and conditions is essential. One may even come across very fierce debates where one tradition is seen to be saying they have better understanding than the other, this also causes confusion, but on a positive note there is no real need to get stressed over this, there is open questions and the allowance to question and really test the metal of any theory and practice.

    Above all else give yourself time, lets things settle and at some point things start to come together and one can see that they have found a gem stone. Just yesterday I read that the only reason the saints speak is to keep reminding us that this world , this human form is not our real home, and then to teach us where and how to get to our real home.

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    Re: Hello from UK

    Thank you all for the warm welcome,I look forward to posting and getting some clarification.
    P.S This confusion has been causing me except for say 1-2 hours here and there, close to a week of sleepless nights.

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    Re: Hello from UK

    Namaste Crow,

    Quote Originally Posted by Cawing_Crow View Post
    i`m starting to get stressed in following hinduism as i find it all so confusing e.g who wrote the vedas/scriptures i got the srimad bhagavatam from a hare krisna and it says krisna but in an incarnation wrote them,but then somewhere else says brahma wrote them.
    So basically i feel drawn to being a hindu but just need some clarification on a few things.
    Hindus believe that Vedas are eternal knowledge which are always present in the Cosmic Consciousness. This knowledge dawns upon anyone who attains state of pure tranquility of mind in deep meditation. Therefore, the same knowledge is revealed to different Rishis in different points of time. The Sutras of Vedas were revealed to different Rishis and these sutras are often names after the Rishi to whom they were revealed. These sutras were revealed at a time when writing was not invented. So, the knowledge so revealed was passed down from generation to generation from Gurus to their disciples.

    Lord Krishna is God and He is the source of all knowledge and therefore there is no fault when He claims to reveal the knowledge of the Vedas. In some scriptures you may find Lord Shiva claiming to reveal the Vedas and that too is right because Lord Shiva is another aspect of the same God who is the source of all knowledge. As far as Ved VyAs is concerned He is considered the compiler of the Vedas i.e. He brought the knowledge into organised form.

    Actually, Hindu Dharma is not easy. It's highest philosophy is as difficult to understand as Quantum Theory is. On the surface, you may find many unexplainable contradictions but there is no contradiction at all, if you understand the highest philosophy. Please wait and be patient if you want to really understand the teachings and philosophy of the Hindu Dharma. You need time. It is very very different from other religions.

    "Om Namo Bhagvate Vaasudevaye"

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    Re: Hello from UK


    Welcome to the forum.

    Read what you can, not with a critical eye, but with the thought of sifting out what you can apply to your everyday life to make it peaceful. For now, ignore the historical perspective of different sources of knowledge and latch on to the philosophy therein. You can either spend your lifetime in mastering the role of each actor in this big drama called Hinduism OR learn from each actor on how to progress spiritually and live in peace. The choice is yours to make. Best wishes.


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    Re: Hello from UK


    All the replies seem to be saying the same thing which is always good. I just thought to mention some other aspects of Hinduism which is not just restricted to philosophy and written texts, there is so much more to it that supports it too, dance, music, art, science. In fact its a whole living tradition, a whole way of life, it teaches one how to eat properly, sleep properly, exercise in the right way, the whole science of well being ayurveda , there is sacred geometry how to build things properly-vastu, sanskrit language, that in itself is a lifetime study, and even if one cant fully learn Sanskrit even few key words are so beneficial as they represent supra mundane concepts, energies or realities that far transcend ordinary concepts and ideas that most use in daily life. But again everything is always centered around Self realization.

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