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Thread: Man who made a plane on terrace gets wings

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    Man who made a plane on terrace gets wings

    Man who made a plane on terrace gets wings

    Amol Yadav, a pilot who assembled a six-seater aircraft on the terrace of his three BHK flat in Charkop, and who was given an opportunity to display his creation at the Make in India Week in Mumbai last year, will be allotted a 157-acre plot in Palghar by the state government to set up his enterprise.
    "I'm thankful for the support I have been receiving. The government has big dreams in terms of regional air connectivity and I'm a believer that it cannot be achieved till we start manufacturing planes in India. Once we start building aircraft, there will be a revolution in the Indian aviation industry," he said.
    He lives in a 3-BHK house in the suburbs of Mumbai with 19 other members of his family. With their support, both morally and financially, he was able to complete the airplane. They even sold of ancestral jewelry to acquire a customised piston engine and a navigational suite from the US.

    He believes in India’s potential to produce indigenous aircraft. In a quote to Afternoon DC, he said, “One thing I want to make clear is that we Indians have tremendous potential. I have proved it. If I’m able to build an aeroplane all alone, each Indian has a capacity to do something or the other.
    Young Indians (especially who pass out from premiere institutions like IIT and IISc etc) should contribute back to Indian masses. I haven't heard about Mr. Yadav before, but it is good to see his determination.
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    Re: Man who made a plane on terrace gets wings

    Hari Om!

    Nice post, thanks for contributing!

    Just goes to show the power of people. Simply amazing what we can do and Indians have great spirit. Jai Hind!

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