Namaste all,

I don't know if I posted before in the Hindu Dharma Forums about this, but for about a year or so I've been trying to learn how to sing Carnatic music. I managed to learn a few songs and I recorded myself singing them for YouTube. Here they are below:

Unfortunately one problem I've run across is trying to fund these lessons... Normally I would be able to pay for them myself but I lost my job recently and thus can no longer afford them.

I'm not trying to sound like I'm asking for money - I don't want to impose on anyone here. But I did want to ask about crowdfunding...if anyone here knew about it. I've heard of some crowdfunding sites like Patreon that can help people like me out, but I want to know if people here recommend one site over the other. I just want to expand my appreciation of Carnatic music and my voice...what would be the best way to do that?