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Thread: Am I a Hindu?

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    Am I a Hindu?

    I was born in Hindu family. I have been surrounded by Hindus all my life. My father worshiped Shiva. My mother told me to read Bhagwat and Gita in my childhood. Later my mother worshiped Guru Nanik and started going to gurdwaras.
    But I was not satisfied and had a lot of questions.

    So one day I decided to find anwers to my questions. I went into deep meditation in my body for hours and hours everyday and night , year after year.

    I now have all the answers. I write below the summery.

    1. Normal human being..............Mostly he lives in fear and is greedy.So at some stage he catches the hand of some god (like Krishna,Rama, Christ etc.) for satisfaction of his desires and protection. Some others take the hand of a live or dead guru for the same reason.

    2. True devotees................These persons get so involved with there god or guru that they they serve them day in day out , year after year , birth after birth till they fade away without achieving any thing.

    3. Idiotic searchers.............They meditate day in day out , year after year, biirth after birth till they get tired. Then they decide to fade away and are called Arhats.Some say that they have attained moksh (freedom from birth and death)

    4.Light searchers...............After achieving arhatship they refuse to fade away and instead they want answers from the mind of Advait God for the purpose of this creation. In between they come to know that they are a part of Advait God and this creation is his play.So they play along life after life till they achieve some important part in this creation knowing all the time that they are part of Advait God. They are invisible human beings. They learn to play along lightly without disturbing surroundings. At some stage they get tired after many births and refuse to take any more births. Guatam Buddha called them Pretyakabuddhas.

    5. Medium searchers...............They refuse to accept Pretyakabuddha path and after some births they acquires secrets of laws of nature and thereby acquire powers, siddhis . With these powers they rule over the minds of other simple people. make them as devotees . In this way they forget Advait God . They themselves become gurus, small or big gods (depending upon the power and range of siddhis)and rule over devotees for many births. Till Advait God orders a Mahaparlay and dissolves all these gods in HIMSELF. They are non-achievers who faltered in their search for answers on the way due to their limitations.

    6. Heavy searchers ...............They as gods or gurus refuse to use their powers and take birth after birth knowing and remembering all the time that they are part of Advait God and add to this creation keeping in their mind the limitation of creation due to DHARMAS (laws of nature). They are named by Guatam Buddha as Bhoddisattvas. Bhoddi means buddhi in hindi or Wisdom . Sattvas or those who search for the limitation of laws of nature. They take birth after birth CREATING new creations till they are sure that their Creation will survive the Mahaparlay.

    7.Achieves..................Those bhoddisatvas who are satisfied with their type of creation and they are sure that their creation will survive the Mahaparlay take over the reigns of their creation as rulers . They guide this new creation and rule over it .And then they retire in Advait God (knowing all the time that they are no more part of Advait God but now are THE Advait God) They are called Buddhas (Wisdom of Advait God)

    8. Advait God...............For HIS play HE created this system of huge creation This whole creation came out of Nothingness (Emptiness) (less than a point) and has 32 planes. In our plane named 26 we see only one part of His creation. That includes limitless space , billions trillions of stars and suns and huge survival time of billions trillions of years. This creation is ruled by very important laws of DHARMAS .The most important FIRST DHARMA HE created was Cause and Effect (also known as law of Karma). HE came down from plane 0 to 1 and then 2 and so on creating a system free , smooth, and stable. All above 25 planes are already going towards perfection due to various Buddhas (Wisdoms) that he has picked up during the course of this whole creation. Wrong creations have dissolved in Mahaparlay and the stable ones have become part of HIS BRAIN ( name Nirvan by Guatam Buddha).

    Guatam Buddh gave this knowledge in LOTUS SUTRA.(now a book in various langauge available in markets). The method that Advait God has used is written in this Lotus sutra . This method is really really INGENIOUS . Most of the persons can not understand this sutra and hence this is neglected sutra even by various buddhist organisations. One has to meditate inside his body to understand this sutra as our body is part of this whole creation. And all this creation came down from one Advait source.
    Guatam Buddha never talked about Buddhisim as religion. And hence all those who practice religion including buddhists are LOST SOULS .

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    Re: Am I a Hindu?


    When a 79 year old person who has been 'going into deep meditation for hours and hours, day and night, year after year', wants to share his experiences/realizations/interpretations; lot of ears perk up. Younger members want to learn and older ones want to compare notes of their own knowledge. Alas, this was a big let down.


  3. Re: Am I a Hindu?

    Hello, I wrote something on this thread, but it never appeared for some reason, may I attempt to post it again? It said the following:

    " For anyone wondering if they are or are not this or that, they can first define in what way they are using a term and in what way it is generally used, so that it may become clear what is considered in this context as qualifying according to any of these opinions. So the term Hindu has a great many people having different levels of qualifying attributes considered to make them a Hindu, the most inclusive being "Everyone and Everything is a Hindu" and the least being "There are no Hindus" or "There is only One Hindu", all of which can be true and even compatible depending on how one understands things. Hinduism, like all religions or belief systems can be considered a language, which some may hope to speak therein or use to relate to others and relay information regarding the reality we are experiencing. So the spreading of Dharma can be considered the spreading of a certain language or way of describing and interacting with the reality we are experiencing and whatever appears within it. It could furthermore be said, one who does not use the terminology or language most often associated with Hinduism is using some other sort of language, though what they will generally be referring to for the most part is still expected to be something within the experience of reality, and so regardless of the terms they may prefer to use or disparage, they may still be speaking a language translatable to the Hindu linguistic framework which should encompass anything real, true, and known.

    Many people distinguish Hindus by ethnicity, sects they believe count or don't count, and every sort of nuanced method of seperation. Sometimes the core of this may be a dear love, some abstract possessiveness which causes them to deny Hinduism any other lovers but really themselves or what they may consider their extensions.

    A good question we who have joined this forum may ask ourselves is Do I want to be a Hindu? Even before establishing what all a Hindu can be, one can examine if the term itself causes them distress and a desire for release. There are only two answers for the sake of simplicity, no and yes.

    For me the answer is yes. My yes extends to all in my "body" of experience. That means that I would love to communicate Hinduism to all and teach them the language we can share in order to exchange pleasure and love through it.

    Some may answer yes to themselves but no to others, meaning that they do not acknowledge the capacity of some to learn this language or live through it, that the language is limited and exclusive. This also appears to be true because there are people who say:

    No to themselves and yes to others, denying themselves the use of the Hindu linguistic framework and language as they might deny themselves other things of potential utility, while still acknowledging or accepting the existence of others who do partake in some idea of Hinduism.

    If one wishes not to be a Hindu, then they should think about how they will define that word and what it includes, then not to do those things.

    I find myself in a rather opposite position, Helplessly Hindu, even though many may try to deny that for various reasons as mentioned earlier, which in my view is trying to deny people not only a language but reality or existence itself. A very cruel seeming thing to do.

    I have gone elsewhere and tested identity notions with people, and the desire to make rigid and exclusive seems very prevalent in people.

    The majority of the world seems to consider anyone a Hindu who self identifies as a Hindu, but furthermore who practices anything generally considered under the Umbrella of Hinduism. Images typically associated with Hinduism are things like puja, sculptures, the bindi and other markings, or just being from India. The British apparently used to call everyone Hindu, including Muslims and Christians, so long as they were a people somehow associated with the Indus and India.

    So in what you wrote above, you categorized a few different groups.

    Do you fit into any of them or consider the Hindus to be in any of those groups?

    If I will be broad, I will say anyone who deals with reality carefully is a Hindu and if I will be narrow I will say anyone who agrees with me is a Hindu.

    What then is there to agree with beyond this?

    That there is One Supreme Power generating and destroying realities or experiences or information of which we are all running through and by.

    Any who believe that there is One, Master of All, even us, has stepped forward as a Hindu.

    To take another step, or even a leap forward beyond this, are those who may say that furthermore, to be tied closely to Duty, the Dharma, are even more Hindu in my view. The Duty is to Cultivate from our experience what is ultimately most noble and kindest to our Self, even if it appears somehow difficult at first. To maintain a garden and care for it so that it blossoms.

    A third step forward, beyond the Acknowledgment of One and the Duty to Self and cultivation, is furthermore another great leap forward, which is counterintuitive seeming at first to some, but to Judge, to Condemn what is wrong and edify what is right, and to execute this judgment through actions in every way.

    So, Realizing the Truth, Cultivating Ones Self and the whole Body of Experience, and Judging and Taking Action as is seen repeatedly in the lessons most typically associated with Hinduism.

    A step backwards, is to renounce Judgment, another step backwards is to renounce cultivation or self and environment, and finally to renounce even the Reality or Power, which is an attempt to retrace ones steps back to essential Non-Being or Pre-Existence.

    With this simple model, one may be able to understand a possible distinction between Hindu and Non-Hindu, since a Hindu is one who embraces Duty and Judgement, taking hold of effort and action based in a knowledge of the Power, and those seeking to escape these things, even escape being Hindu or having any titles would thus walk the other way from these three major steps. "

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