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Thread: The essence of Advaita in a poem

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    The essence of Advaita in a poem

    I recently wrote a poem that explains the essence of Advaita with some pointers to self-inquiry. It is in the format of a story. I would like to share the poem with you all.It also has some Biblical quotes which have the same message:

    You are the Truth
    Carrying the weight of past in my head
    And dragging the scenes which were old and dead,
    I ran to grab the bliss of the future;
    The more I ran, the more was the torture..

    The torture of the hedonic treadmill
    Followed me as I continued uphill;
    I was caught in the prison of craving
    With tedious thoughts, my mind was raving.

    I met an ugly old man on the way
    who had a long thick beard with shades of grey.
    His face was shining with heavenly bliss;
    In his eyes I saw an endless abyss!

    “What makes you so happy in this rat race?”,
    I asked him as he slowly turned his face.
    He replied,”The answer is within you!
    The grand kingdom of God is within you!”

    “That’s a joke”, I said “Are you kidding me?”.
    “No!” He said, “Turn inward, you’ll become free!
    You’ve made your own boundaries inside your mind,
    You’ve closed your eyes and think you’ve become blind”.

    I said, “How can I get out of this trap?
    I want to find the way, give me the map”
    He said, “You’re the way, the truth and the life!
    Be still and know you’re that, and end this strife!

    You’re not your body and you’re not your mind;
    Not knowing the timeless truth makes you blind;
    You’re not your story and you’re not your thoughts;
    You’re not those age old, buried mental knots.

    You’re not that chattering voice in your head;
    You’re not anything that you did or said;
    You’re not anything that you have or know
    You’re the truth that is watching all this show!

    You’re not anything that can be perceived;
    You’re not an object that can be observed;
    You’re the screen where the world is being played;
    You’re the emptiness where the form is made.

    You’re the one witnessing the mind and breath;
    You’re one without two, beyond birth and death;
    Like the air trapped in a small round bubble,
    You feel separate which brings all the trouble.

    Inquire inside and wake up from this dream!
    Let truth alone shine like a bright white beam!
    By inquiry, your illusions will break;
    You’ll stop mistaking the rope for a snake”

    Hearing these words stopped my thoughts for a while.
    Looking in, I slowly began to smile.
    I watched my thoughts as they slowly passed by;
    I observed my mind like a secret spy.

    For years, I contemplated on his words;
    I watched my thoughts fly like a bunch of birds.
    One day, I woke up and realized the truth;
    Since then my life has been peaceful and smooth!

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    Re: The essence of Advaita in a poem

    Nice poem you got. Turn inward. Perhaps an introvert might have liked that. Think deep thoughts while on a real treadmill. Exercise and diet. Meditate.

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    Shantanu Guest

    Re: The essence of Advaita in a poem

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnGE View Post
    Nice poem you got. Turn inward. Perhaps an introvert might have liked that. Think deep thoughts while on a real treadmill. Exercise and diet. Meditate.
    It is said:
    "Let a Braahmana (an aspirant), after he has examined the worlds of experiences gained by Action, acquire freedom from all desires, reflecting that nothing that is eternal can be gained by actions. Let him, in order to obtain the Knowledge of the Eternal approach that preceptor alone who is versed in the Vedas and is established in Brahman"....(Mundakopanishad).-

    I respond:

    Do not be an aspirant; let knowledge come to you from self-less actions. That is my view. A person wishing to find excuse to become bone-idle will dwell on scriptures without testing out their truths as if these were some holy books imparted to humanity by some Eternal Power, when they were all man-imagined religions and philosophies that have long been discarded as untrue. Renunciation of actions is accepting the State's dictations upon the individual to suffer injustices without a fight to protect one's dignity as a human being. I am not for that. I take part in dharma-yudha through actions to better myself both as a human being and for material welfare.

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    Re: The essence of Advaita in a poem

    Wonderful spiritual poetry at Poet Seers...

    Tagore, Mirabai, more...

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