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    Raw vegan

    Anyone ever attempt any raw veganism and how did it go and how long?

    Do some people cycle with it just for penance and some more care towards other living beings and the natural world?

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    I know some folks who have done this. I did a bit also.

    Generally, it is an excellent, excellent purification tool. For a week. Or for a month. Or maybe for two months.

    But if you go beyond that, generally it is not a great idea.

    First of all, you have to do extensive reading and research to get all your nutrients in this way.

    The Traditional Chinese Medicine people would say that this diet is too yin. It is too light and not grounding enough. by that I directly mean all raw. Not a general vegan diet that also includes some cooked food.

    it is excellent to have a lot of raw food in the diet. Paramahansa Yogannada said that directly.

    I forgot, I think some good ratio is like 80% raw and 20% cooked. But 100% raw is generally a little too extreme. Especially in the long term.

    has endless recipes, resources, lists of books, info on all sorts of things..

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