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Thread: AlX introduction

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    AlX introduction

    I am sorry for my English, I am from France.
    I read 3 times your custom forum rules and I LOVE your rules !
    I come to this forum for the reason I have some questions about Hindu religion and I would like to read and understand your advice without anykind of judgement.

    Sometime a single word translation error can be an offence for someone: Please remember I only want to understand YOUR advice and be kind with you, with peace and respect.
    Please tell me if anykind of problem so I could understand, change, repair and respect you.
    Have a nice day, for all days.

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    Re: AlX introduction


    Welcome to the forum.

    Your English is much better than my French, so no need to apologize.

    Fire away with any questions and we will do the best we can to answer them. But please remember that Hinduism encompasses many divergent viewpoints and different people responding to your questions may have differing answers. We will try not to confuse you.

    Best wishes in your pursuit.


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    Re: AlX introduction

    Thank you for your message.
    Different viewpoints are interesting for me.
    This is the reason why I come to your forum.
    All the best,

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