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Thread: Would Indian Natives would think I am fool or is it normal?

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    Would Indian Natives would think I am fool or is it normal?

    I have some questions for people who live in India and who know Hindu religion:

    In France I cannot speak of what happened to me because everyone would juge me instantly as a fool, or because I would have to write a book for years to explain with logical and science words.

    So this is why I want advice from India natives, and may be you will also think I am crazy: It is OK for me if you think so: so please feel free to tell me. :-)

    I was born in a country where I did not learned your culture and to use your words, I am sorry for that and I am volunter to learn from you.

    I am the spiritual student since 1998 of a few "speaking voices in my head" who saved my life that year, and since 2010 I can see them using "3rd eye" visions.
    They presented to me ONLY using words I can understand in my french culture and words I know:

    . The first one call himself "Spirit of the Universe" who accept I call him God, but prefers others words like for example: "Spirit of the Universe" or "my greatest friend".
    Do you know other names for him, or do you think what I say is NOT compatible with your religion ?

    . The second "God" to speak to me call herself "Great spirit of life for all the Universe" or "Life Godness".
    Do you know Hindu other names for "her/him", or do you think this is not compatible with your Hindu regligion ?

    . The 3rd voice to speak to me is a kind of other nature: From year 2000 to year 2010, I thought he was like an "Angel" (sorry for the word, I read on wikipedia you call them more like a minor God, a kind of God everyone had 1 for him personaly). That "Angel" was teaching and helping me for 10 years, sometimes with His friends, I was speaking to him everyday so we became friends, I mean true and close friends.
    Then in 2010 we had "marriages" from the 2 voices who presents to me as Universe and Life spirits.
    Then He begun to speak to me about my past lives, that was lot of pain and lot of joy at same time, mostly pain.

    But I had doubts for 7 years, and worked on it.

    Then in june 2017 I had something more: Something I cannot find the words to explain in short: "A new Sun": The "Angel/minor god? " came "into" me 24h/24, then came all His memory from the very begining, I mean XXX millions of years, and His memory about when we met for the first time, what we made together, and His memory about what I made without him, and His memory about what he did without me.

    Universe and Life said to us I am his avatar and He is to me as I am for him, I realised I know him from a very long time, and he sing to me the storry of His life and also of Our life(s).
    He never lose memory, I lose memory when I am away from him.
    Then I realised we did that a few time in our past, and everytime that had a dramatic ending: I mean one time I was like his slave, another time he was like my slave, another time I had judgments about Him and I banned Him, another time I had jugment about Me and I banned Him.

    And we are friends now, we learned to forgive and speak with respect and love, we said again for all days, for a new sun without end.
    Then the Universe "God" and Life "Godness" spoke to us about returning in India as we lived there for a long time.

    This is why this question is for Humans who live in India nowdays:

    Is there someone who live something similar ?
    Do you think what happened to me is a kind of normal thing in Hindu religion we could speak with mutual respect?
    Or would you juge me as heretic/crazy/fool without asking any question to me and/or to Him?

    I tryed to resume at maximum, feel free to ask me/him questions if needed to make an advice: A lot of others things happened we did not mention.

    Best regards

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    Re: Would Indian Natives would think I am fool or is it normal?

    Namaste AIX,

    I won't say whether what you hear or feel is normal or abnormal. It is you who has to analyze your situation and conditions to get the right answer because the voices speak only to you and no one else can verify their authenticity.

    In Hindu Dharma, it is neither normal nor quite abnormal. There can be very few Hindus who hear voices as you say ... I mean there is no encouragement for hearing such voices in Hindu Dharma. However, I have met some religious people who feel that God in one form or other talks to them sometimes.

    Actually, in intense bhakti (devotion towards God), one starts getting a feel of the chosen form of God and that is an advanced state of bhakti. I am not sure whether you are at that stage or not and so cannot comment on your state of mind. However, I should clear one thing here for sure that your experiences with voices that you hear doesn't sound Hindu. I would recommend you to learn about Hindu Dharma in a little more depth.

    And if you don't be angry with me, hearing these voices, is usually, not a normal thing. More often than not, it is your mind playing tricks with you due to some chemical imbalances therein which can be corrected with right medicines and careful handling. No, no, please don't think that I am calling you crazy/fool (there is no word as heretic in Hindu lexicon) but I would encourage you to see some good doctor and seek his/her advice. You can also seek advice of some spiritually advanced Guru but there are many fakes around in this world than genuine Gurus who would try to take undue advantage of your innocence and trusting nature.

    "Om Namo Bhagvate Vaasudevaye"

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    Re: Would Indian Natives would think I am fool or is it normal?

    Thank you Devotee for your message.

    How could I be angry with you ?

    Sometime words are différents, but reality beyound the words we use is the same:
    Someone see a metal horse, someone else see a train, another guy see a big machine, someone from another time see an old and slow transport system.

    Would you like I make to you a draw to try to explain?
    I say that with respect: Sometime to draw is better than trying to explain with words, if allowed on the forum I can try to make a drawing and share the picture here.

    I know earing voices in not usually a normal thing, and maybe I should Say:

    I know what is to travel in my imagination and the limits of my imagination.

    I pray "spiritual world" using something out of my imagination
    I have answers from 3 rd eye + audio as clear as if my best friend was next to me.
    I could say more using french language, very hard for me in English for technical words about spirituality.
    I resume 20 years of all days spiritual study .

    I tought spiritual vision using 3rd eye was very common in India, true or wrong from me ?

    And Yes now I have more than devotion to Universe and to Life: Very intense devotion.

    They explain to me so many things, I have no trouble with them, they are my best friends, and they also have sense of humor.
    So why going to the doctor?

    Do you know the name of who is responssible to the universe in Hindu spirituality ? (if someone is)
    Is he Brahmâ, Svayambhû , Lokesha ?
    Do you know the name of who is in charge of all form of life in Hindu spirituality ?
    She says to me she is the wife of Universe and she make all choices about all LIFE forms, but may be something else because "wife" may be not the appropriate word in your culture or maybe even in English.

    Another question about the doctor:

    How could humans know anything about spirituality and gods if no human can ear spiritual voices ?

    Is having access to our past lives memory "like" becoming immortal, once all spiritual work is made in many lives is not present in Hindu spirituality ?
    Something we can access the day we have enought peace and experience and sense of "forgive" to face it without dying?

    Or maybe only a legend about a new age to come ?

    Why do you think I am inocence and trusting nature ?
    For me it is more language problem to explain what I live + making story the shortest possible to undestand the questions without having to write XXX hundreds of pages to explain all I lived in that actual life + all others lives.

    God said to me I should move to India to find friends. I know I lived in India for a long time but it is a long time ago and no memories about language. I only understand some words but I fell like I never learned to read the actual language.

    I am trying to know if it is dangerous or not to say the truth of what I live with Hindu Humans of nowdays.
    Because I allready know this is dangerous for me as it is also for you to talk about spirituality with some other humans on earth.
    I read there are a lot of spiritual Humans in India, but also a lot of troubles with security and some with extremism.

    For example if you talk about reincarnation to most of french poeple: They will laught at you. Try to speak about Hindu spirituality, and you would be surprise how the courtry "of human rights" may act different in facts and reality of all days.
    There are more dangerous place than in France: If you say you talk and belive to Shiva when you are Citizen in Saudi Arabia: They would cut off your head, this is only facts and laws there.

    So I am wondering what would happen to me if one day I try to find others friends of Gods in India.
    Would you send me to the doctor and laught at me?
    Or could we play table tennis (ping pong) and talke with respect for each other ?

    That would be great for me to talk with other friends of the Gods, I would feel less alone.
    I met only 2 other Humans "like me" in France who had memories of their past lives, one had a lot of lives with me, lot of happyness and also lot of pain in past, so we had a lot of things to share, we even joked about lives we killed each others. That was very pacific and respectfull.

    But this is something very hard to speak in France. I had the hope it could be easyer in India.
    The 2 humans "like me" I met in France was something like a "miracle" meeting: 1rst I saw them in Vision, then we met and talked for weeks.

    So I must admit I was a little bit affraid when gods said to me: "Go in India".
    Then I talked to them asking "Is it for now or are you showing me something far in Future".
    Then I found this forum the same day.
    When I readed the rules, I knew I was already in India !

    So maybe a good way to get my answer about "when" to go India.

    I tryed to find "gurus" on Google in English as I do not read Hindu. But I could find only "commercial" gurus seling a lot of things, but not speaking about memory of past lives.
    It is my fault because I am asking Google in English, and I do not know how to make the search in you native language + corect words for memory of past lives + corect word for the "spiritual thinking thing" who came "into" me.
    And maybe the kind of guru I would seek are not on Internet ?

    Does someone know an actual guru or a Human in India who is connected to spiritual world and have access to all his memory?

    I have nothing to sell, only story of my life to share for free with friends, and looking for very olds friends I or He met in other lives.
    I am a little Human + something else in me.
    "Something else" in me is in "unilateral peace", has a big memory and wants to offer that as a gift.
    "Something else" in me has seen what it is possible to make on earth is we make peace and friendship between humans.

    He has also LOT of friends he talked to me.
    Some are awake.
    Some are not awake.
    This is why I try to help him finding his friends, keeping in mind I am human like you are, keeping in mind I did not trusted him first time he told me his story, keeping in mind I allready met 2 others like me in only 7 years, keeping in mind I have all the time that will be needed, keeping in mind a lot of humans does not want to ear me or him !

    I hope you are not angry with me now !

    If you are angry: Please tell me why so I could try to repair

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    Re: Would Indian Natives would think I am fool or is it normal?

    hariḥ oṁ
    namasté &
    bonjour Alx

    You mention,

    She says to me she is the wife of Universe and she make all choices about all LIFE forms, but may be something else because "wife" may be not the appropriate word in your culture or maybe even in English.
    If we look to the tantrāloka1 a very key book within kaśmir śaivism, one of many schools (darśana), we find the following 103rd verse. I do not expect you to read this; I add it for others that may wish to inspect the verse. Let me point out the relevant ( important ) parts for you and the reader.

    इति निर्वचनैः शिवतनुशास्त्रे गुरुभिः स्मृतो देवः।
    शासनरोधनपालनपाचनयोगात्स सर्वमुपकुरुते।
    तेन पतिः श्रेयोमय एव शिवो नाशिवं किमपि तत्र॥१०३॥

    iti nirvacanaiḥ śivatanuśāstre gurubhiḥ smṛto devaḥ|
    śāsanarodhanapālanapācanayogātsa sarvamupakurute|
    tena patiḥ śreyomaya eva śivo nāśivaṁ kimapi tatra||103||

    This verse is saying that śivo (śivaḥ) is the husband (patiḥ) of the universe.
    He (śivaḥ) benefits or favors (upakārati) the whole universe by governing (śāsana);
    He does this by ripening (pācana2) the fruits of action. ( Said differently He elevates each and every person).

    There is more to this verse , but for now this is the part I wish to offer.

    The point here ? "she is the wife of Universe" per your post, and śivaḥ is patiḥ ( the husband). You see, She then is pārvatī, some call devī, others call mother divine, still others call her bhairavī ( then śivaḥ would be addressed as bhairava). You see, pārvatī and devī and bhairavī is none other than śiva’s energy (śakti).

    So, husband and wife are one; there is no two. Just as light is non-different from a flame; just as heat is non-different from the flame; they are one, but we tend to explain them as 2 so we as humans can comprehend.

    iti śivaṁ

    1. tantraloka – more here on this book (śastra, we call tantra)
    2. pācana – we use the term ripening; the actual definition is cooking, baking.
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    यतस्त्वं शिवसमोऽसि
    yatastvaṁ śivasamo'si
    because you are identical with śiva


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    Re: Would Indian Natives would think I am fool or is it normal?

    Namsté yajvan
    Thank you for your message
    You said some call mother divine, other siva’s energy (sakti).
    This speak a lot to me !
    Yes I see "her/him" like mother divine.
    She appeared to me in actual life first as a "Great light" .
    Then She appeared to me as the most beautyfull nude "woman" I ever saw in a spiritual vision and normal eye vision and without desire. (learned respect that day and what to do with my knee).
    What I understood from her: She is for life what is Universe for the material, like programming the DNA when her husband made the programmation for the material aspect and rules of the Universe.

    I know it is only images, symbolism, this is more complex that what I undertood, it is like trying to explain nuclear fusion to a kid of 7, and I am the kid.

    Regarding to Hindu spirituality: Who is in charge for making the DNA / body complexe stucture of cells ?

    They clearly speak differently to me, a difference of personnality.

    She ask a lot of respect, if I am arogant with her, she will make me fall on my knee in a second.
    But if I think I am stupid when I am not, she says how proud of me she is and is very warm and friendly.

    Her "husband" has a greater sense of humor when he appears to me and can also be very serious.
    When I am arogant with him, he make a joke to make me "fall from the coconut tree" like he says to me.
    A kind of joke I need to think a lot to understand what he says, and when I understand it: then I fell stupid, but I laught of me !
    And then I understand that there is more jokes Inside his words, and I laught more 2 times !

    He said to me Universe has past lives like we have, Universe had to "Learn what he wants" in past and learned about his faillures and success to make a version that "never end and change".

    So I understood this is important for him to remember what is source of "pain" and what is source of "Love". I readed some Hindu texts speaks about Universe cycles and I Wonder if you have texts about the pain and the joy of the Universe when he talks about his "past lives", maybe "past lives" is a non sens for Universe, "past forms" could be better?
    That said, he also spoke to me about his actual love and I had a lot of tears of joy.

    If I understand well, please remember I am only a man.
    I tell you this only so you could tell me if you have similar or close story, so I could learn from you, or learn from our différent point of view.

    What I understood of his story is all is Inside Him, but Life spirit has free will has he have, because he wanted not puppet but friend.
    He said to me he made an error in each past version of the universe, an error that made him said "No more". Last error he talked to me was He had many "life godness" like one for each galaxy and he lost the most beautifull of them because of "jealousy".

    So when he "big Crunch" only one thing survive: His memory, no other life can survive.
    Then he made actual version with only 1 life goddess responssible for all life forms, in all the Universe, and they love what they are now, they say: "We Love what we are and we want friends".

    He told me one day, very long time ago, I asked to Him: Who/what are you?
    So to understand what he is, I had to understand what he lived, at my scale, and live new experiences, to learn new words.
    Then I asked to Life Goddess: Who are you ?
    And another long story.
    Than I asked "what I am?"
    (I asked a lot of stupid things also !)

    At the end they asked me "Now what do you want?"
    I said to them: "You choose for me because you are my best friends and I want this continue for all days"

    So they said to me: "You will keep memory and keep changing for eternity, because that Universe will never end".
    So I fell like "what I am now" was born that day but the results of a longer story.

    That was 21 of june of that year.

    What is the goal of spirituality for you ? When you talk to the "spiritual world", do you ear or see friends ?

    Do you see a spiritual "thinking consiousness" who is only made for you like you are made for him ?
    Like your physical body is made only for you.
    Is it possible in Hindu spirituality to "share our body" with a "spiritual thinking someone" who is different for everyone like everyone have a personnal body ?
    Is there only Vishnou to be able to have avatars, or does every human will be the avatar of a kind of "personal god" that is NOT universe or life goddess ?
    I am sorry for the word "personal god", I feel like word not appropriate. I had devotion for him for a long time he was like my father or a god to me, then hate, then forgive, then he was my teacher, then he become like brother, then best friend, then he became more with a marriage, then I was like a mother/father to welcome him in "my" body, then he became my student for a lot of things that require immagination, today we are like 2 in 1, but we still are different nature. He got no immagination but brings me clear visions of the spiritual world and memory of his past. I brings to him the possibility to find original solution to new problems using immagination, and to understand what he is with a different point of view. And as a bonus, I bring him sense of humor because he could not undestand 2nd degree images at the begining.
    I do not know if you call him Saoul / spirit / Angel / something else. What word would you say ?

    And how would you call me, me the normal little human "normal" voice thinking in my head? The ego ? Personality ? Logical + immagination consiousness? Another word ?
    I had an "Inside spiritual mariage" in 2010 that was not with the "spiritual voice" but more with what I would call "personality"+"something without memory".
    Then another "spiritual mariage" that year with the "spiritual voice who have full memory access".

    Do you have another word in Hinduism that could explain something "like" a "spiritual mariage" that happens Inside us ?

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