I practice Zazen (Simply sitting) method that is taught in the Kosho Uchiyama-Shōhaku Okumura lineage at places like Gyobutsuji Zen Monastery in America, Sanshin Zen Community, and the famous Antaiji.

This method is harmony of body and mind and utter alertness and presence (Bodymind).

It is the practice of learning who one is and also moving beyond.

I also practice Samatha in the tradition of Theravada in which one enters absorption states (Jhana). From these states I experience and gather insight (Vipassana).

I would associate more with the Ajahn Chah style than the honorable Pa Auk as I don't codify these experiences as strongly and directly by writings of the Abhidhamma and Buddhaghosa's Visuddhimagga.

These deep meditational experiences I believe show how when conditions change one changes and this can be in radically different way.

I also believe it helps purify ones practice as when one establishes deep Samadhi one moves past sensuality and other factors that can trap someone in basic practice.

Please share your practices and how you would define them I look forward to hearing from everyone.