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Thread: The opposite of Avatar? (amateur sanskrit fun)

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    Light The opposite of Avatar? (amateur sanskrit fun)

    Hello. I'm trying to find out the opposite of avatar. Good old wikipedia tells me that avatar "is derived from the Sanskrit roots ava (down) and tṛ (to cross over)."

    So what would be the opposite vector of motion? Something that goes UPwards? I first thought of the root utta as in uttara or uttama, meaning north and above, respectively.

    Then after some fiddling I speculated about उपतर (upatar). Auto translation says it means upwards, but I'm not certain.

    Anyways... If avatar is the one who comes down, what is called the one who goes up?

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    Re: The opposite of Avatar? (amateur sanskrit fun)


    How about 'ascend'?

    उपतर comes out as 'overflowing'.
    śivasya hridayam viṣṇur viṣṇoscha hridayam śivaḥ

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