An Orthodox Christian elderly gentleman recently asked me to explain Hinduism and its fundamental concepts as shortly as possible!

I told him, "Sure! Concept #1 is doing one's duty dispassionately and without expecting anything in return, and concept #2 is practicing non-violence in speech, thought and action towards one another!".

Then he described to me how Vatican church announced in 2008 about new sins added to the sin-list, of how amassing tons of wealth and genetic modification on others are a sin now. The conversation had turned into what is considered a sin in Hinduism.

I told him, what he had stated (genetic modification) very much fits into the scheme of practicing non-violence (ahimsa) and hence a sin to a Hindu as such! But I asked him, "Why not Vatican consider proselytizing a sin? Unlike other religions, Hinduism does not try to convert others into its fold!".

He was impressed with my question and wanted to know, "How come Hinduism, being widely practiced only in India (being a minority religion, that is) is not into proselytizing"...

For that I replied, "Because everyone, irrespective of where they are born or what religion they practice, automatically become 'Hindu', if they practice non-violence and do their duties dispassionately without expecting a return!".

He laughed and said nothing.

Am I not right? Other religions want their god to be worshiped by all, Hinduism wants a human to be good. And that's the difference!

Thanks for reading!