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Thread: artificial intelligence and True

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    artificial intelligence and True


    True Nature and Artificial intelligence.

    For a while now there has been a topic about some time in the future there will be robots that will turn against mankind.p, I never really gave it to much thought, until a couple of days ago when the penny dropped. They (AI) become programmed by humans to do our work but then they turn against humanity. They will become so sophisticated that they can mimic all human emotions. They will even have skin, eyes and so on and be replica of a human being but then they destroy humanity.

    Sounds like Sci fi, and stupid, the implications are much more dark and cynical and will become the new religion of mankind.

    some people now seem to think that it's becoming a real possibility, even top computer programmers have put dates on it and say it will come into effect in about 150 years.

    Recently, I followed loosely a thread in a tibetan buddhist forum about weather an AI robot if replicate sentient being would find buddha nature, or awakened nature.

    There was mixed opinion but in general the conclusion is that machines no matter how intelligent will not be able to become enlightened and reach the potential of full awakening. And a machine may not be able to totally be self dependant and a dominant species due it be being programmed, it can't be fully corrupt it's own programme will prevent this, even the most vicious guard dog will not attack his owner if it's trained. So it will still be under the control of someone.

    I see this whole debate in a slightly different way. It's not that machines or externally manufactured robots that they make in a lab will be the future AI, although if we see this in non literal way there is truth behind this, the corruption of humanity in modern science.

    To be spirtual, a yogi, a Buddhist a Hindu or whatever is to put us in touch with our original nature, our true self, to see the light of the original state, the natural state, free from modifications and conditions, such a deep subject , but essentially it's nothing other than becoming real and arriving back at the source.

    The saints of all ages and even today always are busy in whatever way they can to bring mankind back to his natural state, we can't limit these saints to traditions, as traditions are built around them, the only conern is to set people free, to give the suffering masses a way to understand reality as it is, to me this the meaning of dharma. The true way is simple as this is the struggle is real and often complex and so the teaching also becomes diverse due to the complex nature of phenomenon which is always changing.

    Real intelligence is to seek and know how to arrive home, at our true nature. Artificial intelligence is takes us away from our true nature.

    There are people who want to always control, they are full of greed and bad desires, they have no empathy, no compassion and power wealth and control is there aim in life, they see no sense in unity and are so absorbed in ignorance that they pollute everything, traditions, language, culture, science, medicine, you name it they have a finger in every pie. And this influences us and the general public who are the targets of AI.

    My conclusion although not to deny that science will be able to make advanced robots which may be similar and mimic us without pro creation, but they won't ever have any real humaness, only we have that because it's our dharma, a robot will have another type of dharma or nature and the two will never be the same.

    They say truth is stranger than fiction, indeed it is, and also at times more cynical in materialistic terms.

    In modern universties they study language and culture, the mind, psychology, behaviour, which in itself is not a problem, unless the virus enters the area of study.

    To cut a long story short people are being programmed, to think and act in modernity which is against our true nature. Modern life has so many people on a chain. People want a mortgage, which comes from the Latin word to mortify, to enslave and keep bound, ie debt, anyone who knows about economy knows inflation fuels the economy. Things get more expensive so people think they need more and work harder. We live in a dual world and work and being a success can be in the right or wrong way, detachment is a quality of mind based on real knowledge.

    Modern society breeds the wrong sense of self, the lower I, ie the ego ( not that ego is all bad, it's a natural construct) but when the I is polluted it begins to become more selfish. Krsna talks about this in chapter 16, what's going on is nothing new, it just takes different forms, the last major campaigns was religion and then politics. The new wave is AI or artificial intelligence, to control and dehumanize us all, divide us and enslave us, it's so clever, that were fooled without even knowing it. The robots will be us, human beings, programmed to work without thought or reflection about our true nature. we will loose our humanity, our empathy. Media everyday is always giving us bad news, always speaking about division conflict, crime and so on as if that's the only real thing to talk about.

    In science they are learning more and more about the human being, now it's all about the brain and what lights up to certain parts via stimuli. Again neurology is something good, but corrupted will lead to something quite the opposite.


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    Re: artificial intelligence and True

    Interesting topic. Who is to say that 'we’ are not 'robots'. Ever think about who programs and controls us?

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    Re: artificial intelligence and True

    Namaste satay,

    That was my point we human beings will become have become or are in danger to become those robots and fully under control and lose the ability to be ourselfs, that's the external side of things. Which can be and is very damaging.

    Who is behind it, well, we can read into conspiracy theories and try to find some secret elite but personally I don't recommend, it will only add unhealthy states of mind,better to develop insight through practice of naturalzing the mind.

    As a sadhaka the ones that control are Arishadvarga, kam krodh, lobha mada, moha matsyara. Simplfied into to three by buddha as greed, hatred and ignorance. They steal the attention for our natural state which would if left unmodified without control naturally evolve us into our real or true nature the natural state of being.

    So where ever there is more presence of the six thieves then more levels of AI take over.

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    Re: artificial intelligence and True

    Yes, you have a good point. I do think that human race will reach singularity and uncontrolled AI will eventually take over. In fact the more I read Budhha's teachings the more I think that we are living in a matrix and that singularity has already occurred in the past long ago!
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    Re: artificial intelligence and True


    Yes this type of thing has being going on since day dot, it takes different forms, as we can see the world is being uniformed. Anyone who has travelled will notice that globally people now wear jeans and t-shirt, suit and tie.

    When I was travelling more I was always quite disappointed in seeing this and often thought I'm doing this 100 years to late. If I was in Taiwan, or Africa, people wore jeans and trainers, shirt and tie. It destroys the diversity and identity, this is one way of conforming the world to that singularity.

    The Buddha is a great example who tackled the corruption of society and brought back the natural alignment. So what's existing today and has existed for a very long time. Perhaps a detailed and full understanding of the yugas is needed.

    So there is a push for cultural assignation, most ancient cultures have almost vanished and we have little evidence of them or a biased and they are painted as primitive and backwards and we are somehow making advancements.

    Solutions are to keep ancient traditions alive, and ancient traditions were always centred around the saints, the seer's and the wise. They are our immediate link and should be the main role models in society.

    According all the ancient stories good always triumphs over evil, Ram defeats Ravana, krsna defeats Kamsa and so on.

    Man natural tendancy is to ask questions about who am I, what is life, why is there birth and death, the simple questions get corrupted in educational systems, politics and people become reconditioned and molded into robots for society, they think they have some free will, but science studies this human existence to the minutes details, in psychology, sociology and so on and corrupts and redirect the human being into mental slavery.

    Know thy enemy.....
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    Re: artificial intelligence and True

    Hare Krsna

    The corruption lies at manipulating the swadharma Or the individual intrinsic nature, we think we're free but until jivamukta stage we are not fully free. Our varna if when aligned, which isn't by birth but by swadharma, is not going against society, without control we would all fit into the right groove, it's not a stereotype, we simple become ourself and the natural evolution finds its own way, this is one of the strong instructions in Bhagavad Gita , always both conventionally and ultimately we strive to find our true self and always work towards our true self our real self, both in the physical and conscious world not just a heavenly place attained only at the time of death in a distant far off place.

    There is always struggle in this world and for the sadhaka, devotee he works trying to find his real nature according to the guidelines of yoga, path to union with the true self, to grind down and release himself from the limitation upadhs and attain true freedom.

    Jai Guru Datta

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    Re: artificial intelligence and True


    The post reminds me of the story of Baabarapuri from Sarala Mahabharata

    Dance with Shiva - live with Shiva - merge with Shiva

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    Re: artificial intelligence and True


    A couple of days ago I met a phd student on the street and he was studying David Foster Wallace. I had not heard of him before that. We had a interesting conversation and became interested to know more about him.

    From a quick youtube search I came across this video. It seems to fit the thread.

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