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Thread: Mantra Yoga

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    Mantra Yoga

    Namaskar !!

    I am a serious practitioner of Mantra Yoga. Where can I find advanced / scientific material regarding Mantra Yoga especially material on baikhri, madhyama, pashanti bani etc etc ??

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    Re: Mantra Yoga


    I had similar questions for some time, maybe there are some esoteric texts that give guidance but even then it may lead to the same answer that I found, and that is sri guru.

    Sikhs have this knowledge and talk about divine sound, I attuned my studies or rather my consciousness could see more about what Nam is and divine melodies and how things are revealed through gurbhani. There is the external gurbhani and the inner gurbhani, they both have to align. I started to go to my local gurdwar and built up friendships there and they know or they can point to ones that know how to teach, but one needs initiation and I was not prepared to go that far, as much as I respect them and will always learn from them.

    There is mantra yoga teachings in goraknath ( Nath) sampradaya and they are active if you look. Sound vibration is key knowledge in all the traditions and sound has various levels and each level gets more and more refined.

    As much as I know one needs a guru, at least to get his shaktipat, and then there is the devotion to their order to maintain the traditions, it requires a lot of surrender and devotion, which I am sure you have.

    Also many people want to activate the kundalini, now I'm not talking to anyone in particular but this should be approached with caution as to early an activation may not be sensible and I think it always best to advise that the foundations of yama and niyama are frimly set and then when kundalini opens it smooth and natural and not forced. Meditation techniques of samatha calming the mind and also vipassana look like worthy companions too.

    If it's a text you want you can study 11th canto where Sri Krsna instructs Uddhava. Srimad bhagavatm is rich in kundalini yoga as I am sure most the puranas are.

    Harih Om
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    Re: Mantra Yoga

    I have heard of mantra chanting for 45 days.

    Does anyone have any experiences with this?
    What happens after this? Does one continue with the mantra chanting?
    Many thanks for your responses

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