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Thread: Convertion process by a quickly done ritual

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    Convertion process by a quickly done ritual


    I just came across this (part of a) travel report

    At the beginning of our trip we learned that unfortunately one does not easily come into all the temples. We were very disappointed but then heard of a possibility: You can get a ‚Hindu certificate‘ in some modern Hindu movements and thus get into all the temples. Of course, this includes a formal ritual and a brief questioning. The Hindu reform movement Arja Samaj has a branch in the city of Kozhikode, where we arranged an appointment for our convertion process. The ritual was done quickly: a fire ceremony with repetition of the Gayatri mantra. At the end, we had our Hindu certificate in hand and felt just like before. The certificate has actually proved very usefel, we had come into all the temples.

    I can only shake my head … sure to be Hindu, Moslem or Christian are only categories. Anyhow to convert for me is a sacred act. Converting is not a process, not buying a ticket for entering another religion or a temple.

    Am I oldfashioned?

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    Re: Convertion process by a quickly done ritual

    Dear Indialover,

    I think you should. I think you will truly benefit from the richness of the experience you will get by visiting the temples you heart yearns to visit.

    If you think deeply, this is all just a psychological exercise and nothing else.

    There are no personal issues why some/few temples should remain closed to all non-Hindus. May be the *feeling* that someone non-Hindu will get upon visiting such a sacred spot as a *Hindu* (after conversion) will be so overwhelming that they will pay extra attention towards following the rules/discipline/regulation?

    So viewing things on a neutral perspective, I think that if this ritual and associated certificate at Kozhikode might enable you to visit your most favorite temples, then definitely you should get it. This is my take on it.


    jai hanuman gyan gun sagar jai kapis tihu lok ujagar

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