I came across this verse while reading Vishnu Purana. This verse describes what is the supreme abode of Vishnu who's often praised in Veda.

यत्तदव्यक्तमजरमचिन्त्यमजमव्ययम् । अनिर्देश्यमरूपं च पाणिपादाद्यसंयुतम् ॥६६॥
विभुः सर्वगतं नित्यं भूतयोनिरकारणम् । व्याप्यव्याप्तं यतः सर्वं यद्वै पश्यन्ति सूरयः ॥६७॥
तद्ब्रह्मतत्परं धाम तद्धयेयं मोक्षकाङ्क्षभिः। श्रुतिवाक्योदितं सूक्ष्मं तद्विष्णोः परमं पदम् ॥६८॥

That which is imperceptible, undecaying, inconceivable, unborn, inexhaustible, indescribable; which has neither form, nor hands, nor feet; which is almighty, omnipresent, eternal; the cause of all things, and without cause; permeating all, itself unpenetrated, and from which all things proceed; that is the object which the wise behold, that is Brahman, that is the supreme state, that is the subject of contemplation to those who desire liberation, that is the thing spoken of by the Vedas, the infinitely subtle, supreme abode of Vishnu (तद्विष्णो: परमं पदं)-

Vishnu Purana - 6.5.66-68