Dear Friends,

I have a question regarding my japa.

I am a born-Hindu, but unfortunately I never got attached closely to a deity. But I always felt very close to a formless power and feel very devotional to it.

Recently I started doing Japa with Pranava only. I felt a deep sense of closeness to the divine power and at the same time felt the internal attachments going away. I loved the feeling of being in a neutral zone, completely surrendered state I got from it.

But two things happened which made me to write this note:
- Small unexpected things happened, like forgetting few things (which may be coincidental, so please excuse me if you feel so).
- I forgot a bag in a public place, but immediately got it back.
- Without realizing a closed door, I hit myself head on.
- A friend said that Suddha Pranava should not repeated by a house holder (which I am)

Any of the experienced japa practitioners, could you please share your experience on OM Japa?

Thank you.