This question might have come up in many of us. I am just a beginner in this field, so pardon me if my question is in appropriate.

I practice Vishitadvaita philosophy (Sri Vaishnavism) and in the process of developing unflinching faith on Sriman Naaraayan. That said, the effects of planets, stars, constellation etc should not disturb me as my faith in Sriman Naaraayan should be unshakable.

I might be sinner and reaping the fruits of my past misdeeds. Will the effects of planetary position shadow the grace of Sriman Naaraayan? If I trust Sriman Naaraayan and believe he wont let me suffer, should I be still bothered about the auspicious and in auspicious times

We have read the story Sri Markandeya and Gajendra Moksha etc.

Panchaang identifies some auspicious and inauspicious timings in a day and suggests kind of actions to be performed in a particular. In a fast paced life, one can not plan a important official work keeping Raaghu Kaal and Yama Gandam in mind. What is the alternative solution in this scenario?

I find these thoughts mutually exclusive. If I trust that Sriman Naaraayan is with me all the time to protect me from the known and unknown mistakes committed by me, why I should be seeking the help of Astrology.

Last but not the least, don't see my post in the bad light. I respect Vedic Astrology. But of late, feel that with the help of Sriman Naaraayan grace we can lead a peaceful life no matter what our birth chart has to say.