Special Greetings,
Special thanks to those who made this website possible. I would like to share with you events of my life that had happen to me.
There were feelings I had in my body that were not recognized by those here in my home town. That was back in 1984. They all thought I was just off.
Then in in 1993 and I wanted to know what these sensations I had were all about. No person wanted to talk about it. They just looked at me like I was crazy. Thankfully for the www in 1993 I was able to find others who were experiencing these energies that I was feeling. See back in 84 I was a weight trainer and dedicated to it. But one day something happened to me that I will never forget. I was working legs and doing a hard workout. Something snapped in a way and I suddenly felt An energy that made my whole being vibrate and my body became tingly numb and I became unbelievably strong. That was the beginning. My being felt like it could reach the heavens. No person I talked to would even admit to feeling such things. It was years later in 1993 that I found a website that described all the things I was feeling and it gave me guidance on how to balance these energies. Today my focus is on my heart and my wild energies do not scare me much anymore. I always knew that this energy was one that could heal. My spirit told me that it was something I could use that would heal others or me. The ideas of Kundalini Yoga were right on. I have witnessed others viewing my energies so I know some people can see them. I know first had that there is something too what you folk believe about the Chakras. They say it happens to people who have been traumatized. I had my share of that for sure much before I was 18 months old and then in 84 I was traumatized often.