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Thread: Interested in Samkhya

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    Interested in Samkhya

    Hello all. I'm interested in finding out more about Samkhya Hinduism, and have read some of the online articles:

    I have a couple of practical questions which I hope you can help with:
    1. Is Samkhya still widely practiced?
    2. What practices are specifically associated with this school?

    I know quite a lot about Buddhism, but very little about Hinduism.


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    Re: Interested in Samkhya


    I'm not a expert and also there are diverse teachings in samhkya, some deal with 24 tattvas other more depending on the lineage of teachings. In second chapter Bhagavad Gita Sri Krsna gives his teaching on Samkhya which has its own unique delivery. Then there is Kaplia Muni, some say there were two Kapilas, one an Atheist and other a Theist, so the story goes.

    One of the most accepted commentaries of today is vijnanbiksu, and the accuracy of his commentaries if one doesn't read Sanskrit is then down to translations and most of the teaching will be lost.

    As I understand Samkhya is not a philosophy it is when one sees directly the process of the evolution of matter called or divided into tattvas.

    The Buddha also taught something similiar or at least gave teachings to those who came from Samkhya schools, as in Mulapariyaya Sutta. Some say that Siddharta Gautama refuted Samkhya, I think he aligned the teaching.

    Here is a nice video that may help.

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