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Well said. The continuum is extremely important knowledge, without which these fighting and "mine is better than you" perception will continue. The movement of maturity of mind is from "I and God" which Christianity and Islam adhere to - to "God in all" which general mass of Hinduism adheres to "all in God" which the top layer of Hinduism adhere to.

So is the journey of the maturity in terms of tolerance.

Not only it increases the tolerance but also the complete understanding of Life and Creation, the multiple universe, cyclic nature of birth and death, what is temporary, more permanent and permanent, and the how to mature the mind to move from temporary to the permanent.

Today people are rudderless and blind and are groping in the dark without knowing which direction to move and are lured by the dazzling Maya - the form and colours of the various elements of the gross world.

Thanks Markandeya for this beautiful discussion

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