Hello, finally after doing further research I decided to stick to Saiva Siddhanta of Meykanda Deva (pluralistic realism). I've been reading some texts like:

*Saiva Siddhanta Studies.
*Sivagnana Bodham (Meykanda Dev).
*Sivagnana Siddhiyar (Arulnandi Sivacharya).

Which are english translations and explanations authored by late 19th century tamilian scholar Nallaswami Pillai.
I have already understood the basics, but there is still a lot of terminology which I'm unfamiliar with (I'm mostly familiar with Vedanta terminology) and which the above mentioned texts mention briefly but don't elaborate profoundly.
I'd like you to recommend me some text (in line with Meykanda Dev Sampradaya) which elaborates exhaustively on the 36 Tattvas so a clear understanding of all the terminology can be acquired.