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    Namaste friends!

    I am here to learn and grow in my spiritual path. Currently, I identify as a Thelemite but as there are many parallels (especially in cosmology) in between it and what is obtusely umbrella'd "Hinduism" (as it is a lot of separate religions), I am finding myself attracted and starting to identify more and more with it (Shaivism, Shaktism, Vaishnavism etc). I have a lot of esoteric experience with the occult, meaning I have a lot of a natural connection with symbolism, ritual, devotion and Dharmic practices like meditation and tantra (though I haven't practiced/learned much yoga).
    I also have an active interest in Buddhism and Taoism (which connects again, directly with Thelema).

    I am in possession of many of the central sacred texts of Hinduism (collectively) and am in a routine of reading and meditating on the Vedas on a daily basis.

    As stated at the beginning, I am here to learn and grow - maybe even convert?

    Frater Sisyphus

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    Welcome to the forum.


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